Say goodbye to messy sheets: A period sex blanket has landed

Sex during your period can be fun, but a little on the messy side [Photo: Getty]

Even though period sex is totally normal, beneficial even, some people still aren’t sure about it.

The main reason people are put off is the perceived, well, mess. But now there’s a blanket specifically designed for couples wanting to get frisky when aunt Flo’s visiting.

Thinx has used the same super absorbent technology as featured in their period-proof underwear and workout shorts.

The idea is you ditch the manky old towel you might normally throw down if period sex tickles your fancy and instead reach for the Thinx blanket that looks good enough to sit on the end of your bed all month long. Winning.

Aside from solving one of the biggest hurdles to getting intimate during that time of the month, the brand also hopes it will help dissolve some of the anxiety and bust the shame in the process.

“So many people are made to feel afraid or ashamed of having sex on their period,” said Maria Molland Selby, CEO of THINX, in a press release.

“But the truth is that period sex is totally safe and natural. In fact, orgasms release hormones that can sometimes help ease the pain of menstrual cramps.”

Thinx are introducing a blanket to take the mess (and stigma) out of period sex [Photo: Thinx]

The Thinx team also hope the blanket might also switch up the conversation surrounding period sex.

“We hope that the introduction of our sex blanket drives a new kind of conversation around period sex, one that encourages people not to feel shame or shy away from the human body during their period,” Selby says.

“This is more than just a blanket. This is another opportunity to bust through yet another period taboo and to open up a much needed dialogue about period sex and sex generally.”

The only teensy catch is that at $369 (£277) mess-free period sex don’t come cheap, but just think about how many old towels you might save in the process.

And if anything it’s an excuse to reduce that cost per use.

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