Leak-proof bathing suit lets you swim with ease on your period

After last week’s tampon story, this is some pretty great news. 

We all know that it’s possible to swim when you’re on your period but that doesn’t mean that it’s always pleasant. Whether you opt for a pad and pray that it doesn’t fall out or go the tampon route, fearing leaks and that awkward string, it can be a real pain. But there’s hope.

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Sanitary pad underwear company PantyProp recently developed a pair of bikini bottoms that use the same technology as their leak-proof undies, to let you swim with ease while wearing a pad. 

“We endlessly researched and designed a universal solution that provided security, comfortability, and a easy quick process for people universally to become worry-free while using sanitary pads,” explains the website

“The developed, designed, and patented functional undergarment protects, conceals, and provides comfort all day while wearing a sanitary pad.”

(photo: PantyProp)

While the bottoms won’t completely eliminate the need for a tampon or pad while swimming, they do remove any fears of embarrassing leaks and help securely hold pads in place, if you choose to wear one.

“Sanitary pads can be discreetly hidden in our undergarments and worn in non-chlorinated water only to help with protection.” 

Right now the PantyProp swim bottoms come in two prints but the brand hopes to expand their collection come spring. 

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