Would you pay someone to change your baby's nappy?

An emergency nappy changing service is being launched in the UK [Photo: Getty]
An emergency nappy changing service is being launched in the UK [Photo: Getty]

Ask any new mum or dad what one of the worst aspects of parenting is and you can bet a packet of wet wipes they’ll say changing a dirty nappy.

From coping with the pong, to finding somewhere to actually do it and dealing with the results of a poonarmi, nappy changing duty is rarely a pleasant experience for parents.

That’s probably why 10% of parents in a recent Mumsnet survey cited it as one of their least favourite duties.

But would your dislike of the job extend as far as paying someone else to do it for you?

Apparently so, as an emergency nappy changing service is just about to launch in the UK.

Childcare.co.uk, the UK’s largest platform for childcare professionals and parents, originally revealed ‘Nappy 999’ as part of an April Fool’s day joke.

But when the campaign received genuine praise and interest from nearly half a million parents and providers, they decided to launch the SOS nappy changing service for real.

The service is aimed at parents who are either too busy, or do not want to change their babies’ nappies, and are willing to pay a professional upwards of £5 a time to do it.

The aim is to have Nappy 999 responders on-site and ready to go with the wet wipes within 10 minutes, anywhere in the UK.

And it seems people are already queuing up for the job with the site revealing it already has more than 50 registered Nappy 999 Responders in the Bath and Somerset area, and a further 70 in London.

But not just anyone can become a professional bum changer, in order to be eligible to become a Nappy 999 first responder candidates must have at least one year of childcare experience, and an enhanced DBS check.

Would you pay someone to change your baby’s nappy? [Photo: Getty]
Would you pay someone to change your baby’s nappy? [Photo: Getty]

Speaking about the launch of the service Richard Conway, co-founder of Childcare.co.uk, said: “Ask any parent which job they hate doing the most, and we guarantee nappy changing is top of the list!”

“We knew we wanted to do something to mark April Fool’s Day this year and do something that is quite obviously a joke but also fun, but we never anticipated it would take off quite like this, who would have thought that nappy changing is a genuine service that’s in demand?

“Many parents have told us that they wish they could hire someone to change their children’s nappies, and now they can with this service. We’ve already had more than 100 providers sign-up, but we’re quite a way away from having a Nappy 999 First Responder within 10 minutes of every household in the UK, and that’s why we need even more people to get involved!”

Keen to ditch nappy changing duty for good? Members of the public can register their interest here.

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