Liam and Emma top Oliver and Olivia as this year's most popular baby names (so far)

The most popular baby names of 2018 have been revealed [Photo: Getty]
The most popular baby names of 2018 have been revealed [Photo: Getty]

Last year, baby name experts predicted what we’d all be calling our babies this year.

It was based on emerging trends parents-to-be were taking name inspiration from, such as a growing love of the moniker Corbyn, and a preference for naming your baby after the TV programme du jour – welcome to the world baby Theon.

The predictions provided a useful guide for soon-to-be parents on what names are expected to be big on nursery registers in a few years time, while also giving an indication about the monikers they might want to avoid if they’re keen on giving the newborn a name that’s totally unique.

But did they guess right?

Parenting site and baby naming experts Babycentre have now revealed the most popular names of 2018 so far, as reported by MirrorOnline.

And it seems it’s time for Olivia to hand over her baby naming crown as Emma has now topped the list for baby girls.

Olivia is still up there in the popularity stakes though, merely slipping to number two in 2018’s top names.

With under two months to go til the royal wedding and even less for the arrival of the royal baby, it seems the monarchy is having an influence on what we’re calling our little ones.

Charlotte, the name picked by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their first daughter, and Mia, daughter of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, both make the top 10.

But while it was predicted that Meghan would be one of the most popular names of 2018, thanks to the ‘Meghan Markle Effect’, the name actually failed to make the top ten.

Liam topped the list for baby boys [Photo: Getty]
Liam topped the list for baby boys [Photo: Getty]

When it comes to the monikers new parents have been picking for baby boys, Liam has topped the list (replacing Oliver as the most popular name of 2017).

In fact, Oliver only managed to slip into fourth spot, with Noah and Logan proving more popular this year.

Mason, Lucas and Elijah also make the top ten with the more traditional James scraping into tenth place.

Most popular girls names of 2018 so far

  1. Emma

  2. Olivia

  3. Ava

  4. Isabella

  5. Sophia

  6. Mia

  7. Amelia

  8. Harper

  9. Charlotte

  10. Mila

Did your baby name make the list? [Photo: Getty]
Did your baby name make the list? [Photo: Getty]

Most popular boys names of 2018 so far

  1. Liam

  2. Noah

  3. Logan

  4. Oliver

  5. Mason

  6. Lucas

  7. Ethan

  8. Elijah

  9. Aiden

  10. James

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