This new lamp is being hailed as the ultimate baby sleep aid

Parents are praising a new sleep aid that sends babies to sleep in minutes [Photo: Getty]
Parents are praising a new sleep aid that sends babies to sleep in minutes [Photo: Getty]

Parents are singing the praises of a new lamp, which helps send babies to sleep within minutes.

As any new mum or dad will testify, sleep is the holy grail of new parenthood, but it’s often in pretty short supply. *yawns*

So, news of a new sleep aid which helps little ones nod off super easily is being hailed as an absolute must-have.

Glow Dreaming, is the brainchild of one formerly sleep-deprived mum who found it difficult to cope with her daughter’s inability to fall asleep, following the death of a loved one.

The genius lamp combines light therapy, aromatherapy, pink noise and a humidifier, which all help to relax and calm children and ease them into a slumber. (We’re getting tired just writing about it!)

According to the Glow Dreaming website, the red LED light used in the lamp helps stimulate melatonin, the hormone responsible for telling us it’s time for sleep, and helps teach children how to self settle when they do wake up.

Meanwhile the sleep aid’s Slow Wave Sleep Sound Therapy not only blocks out background sounds, but works to relax and calm the mind. “It actually helps us fall asleep and studies have shown it actively gets us into a deeper better sleep,” the site reads.

“The effects of these different sleep aids combined to relax and calm my daughter, and whisk her off to sleep. Before long, she was sleeping the night through and was once again the carefree, happy little girl she used to be,” the lamp’s founder revealed.

Unsurprisingly the clever product is receiving rave reviews from parents desperate for some more slumber.

“My 19 month old was waking at least 3 or 4 times a night. We were all exhausted and not coping from lack of sleep,” one mum Tracey wrote on the site.

“I purchased this amazing product from Glow Dreaming and within a few days our daughter was sleeping through most nights. Now if she wakes she settles back down easily with only a cuddle. This is the best product!”

“I got one for my 2.5yo because she was bloody terrible with sleeping! I found it did actually help her and she started to wake up less so for me it did help a lot,” one mum wrote on Facebook.

It isn’t the first time a sleep aid has been hailed by parents as a miracle product.

Last year, a new cot, which mimicked the lights, vibrations and sounds of a car journey via a smartphone app won praise from sleep-deprived parents.

And parents also scrambled to get their hands on a Lulla doll, which claimed to send babies to sleep by imitating closeness using recorded breathing and heart beat sounds.

The smart doll is made from a highly absorbent material that traps the scent of mum which helped to not only soothe babies to sleep, but also improve the quality of their sleep by providing a sense of security.

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