Mum isn’t happy after her baby is banned from the wedding she spent £4K to attend

A mum is upset that her baby isn’t invited to the wedding she spent £4K to attend [Photo: Getty]
A mum is upset that her baby isn’t invited to the wedding she spent £4K to attend [Photo: Getty]

A mum has voiced her anger online after finding out her baby couldn’t go to a wedding she’d spent £4,000 to attend.

Deciding whether to go a wedding abroad can be a big decision, in both the financial and logistical sense.

So how would you feel if you’d forked out thousands on flights and accommodation only to be told that your five-month-old baby wasn’t on the invite list?

That’s exactly the situation one new mum found herself in after receiving an invite to her cousin’s wedding in Australia.

Talking to parenting site Netmums, the poster explained that the invite she’d received 12 months earlier only contained a date and hadn’t specified the child-free policy.

But as her daughter is five months and breastfeeding her family said they would attend and bought the flights.

“I chased for the actual invitation about 100 times and eventually it arrived 3 weeks before we flew,” she wrote. “The invite said no children.”

The mum said she flagged that they really should have mentioned this before I bought the flight.

“When we got to Australia my family mentioned maybe I could hire a babysitter, I researched online but couldn’t find anyone (they live in the suburbs) Everyone I knew in Australia, was attending the wedding,” she continued.

She concluded her post by asking other parents whether they thought she was being unreasonable to believe that her cousin should make an exception “for a breastfed baby flying from England.”

“Don’t have kids at your wedding, no problem,” she wrote. “Don’t make me spend £4k on flights and accommodation to be told that my baby cant come.”

Is it ok not to invite kids to a wedding abroad? [Photo: Getty]
Is it ok not to invite kids to a wedding abroad? [Photo: Getty]

And other users were quick to step in and offer their opinions on the subject with many agreeing with the original poster that the child-free ban was unreasonable.

“Oh I’d be furious!” one user wrote. “He should have definitely mentioned no children when he knew you had a baby.”

“If they didn’t give you adequate notice of this fact they can hardly object now can they?!” another agreed. “I would just ignore it tbh and take baby along, what else are you supposed to do now?”

Others agreed that although it’s up to the couple getting married whether kids should be allowed to come or not, the fact that they didn’t let the mum know sooner means they should make an exception.

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“I’d be furious too,” another parent sympathised. “If couples don’t want children at their wedding that’s absolutely their prerogative but they need to make it clear in plenty of time for guests to make arrangements for childcare or decide not to go.”

“Failing to mention this “minor detail” until you were committed to going is extremely thoughtless.

“I don’t think many people would feel comfortable about leaving a baby that young with a complete stranger even if babysitters were easily available and I would imagine that even other guests who weren’t able to take their own children would accept that exceptions should be made in such circumstances.”

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