Paramedic urges parents to adopt this 'life-saving' car seat hack

Paramedic explains why pinning this note to your child’s car seat could be “life-saving”. [Photo: Facebook]
Paramedic explains why pinning this note to your child’s car seat could be “life-saving”. [Photo: Facebook]

A paramedic took to Facebook to share the car seat hack that could “save a child‘s life”.

As somebody who has seen her fair share of car accidents, she wrote: “Way too often do emergency crew come upon a car wreck with children who are too young to have any information and parents are unconscious.”

By having the vital information of your children pinned onto their car seat, this saves the paramedics precious minutes.

She urges parents to pin a note on the back of the car seat with any vital information that might be needed in an emergency.

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Examples of the vital information might include: the child’s name and date of birth, the name and date of birth of the parents, emergency contacts and medical conditions.

Information like allergies to medication and any other pre-existing medical information may come in handy, too.

By adding this simple information onto the back of your child’s car seat, it could give the emergency services access to urgent health information.

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The paramedic said: “It will take two minutes of your time to write out your child’s name, DOB, parents’ name, DOB, emergency contacts and any medical conditions, any meds your child is on and child’s doctor – then stick it to the child’s car seat.”

She continued: “This helps emergency medical services a ton and can also help save your child’s life.”

Parents have shared this simple tip thousands of times on social media. Some parents shared their own tips, too.

One woman wrote: “Another thing is ICE (incase of Emergency) , on your phone, your name and emergency contact, partner, or parent , or both.”

Others simply praised the information and said it “wasn’t something they had thought about doing before.”

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