Mums debate whether you should pay your childminder on a bank holiday

Would you pay your childminder during the bank holidays? [Photo: Getty]
Would you pay your childminder during the bank holidays? [Photo: Getty]

A mother has sparked a debate on whether or not you should pay your childminder on a bank holiday.

The anonymous parent – who goes by the username MotherOfDragonite – took to Mumsnet to ask for advice on the topic.

She explained on the online forum that she doesn’t get paid for bank holidays at her own place of work so would be “very out of pocket” if she also needs to pay the childminder.

But she admits that she never asked her to sign a contract therefore is unsure how to approach the situation.

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“I am really confused about bank holidays and don’t know what is fair in this situation,” she explained. “Essentially, the childminder wants to be paid for bank holidays when she is off. But my own employer won’t be paying ME for bank holidays so I would end up very out of pocket.”

“My DD (darling daughter) goes to a childminder on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. She’s very happy and the childminder is very good. We didn’t discuss things like this before we started – definitely a mistake on my part – and there was no contract.”

The mum added that she pays her childminder approximately £55 per day but as she won’t be getting paid, she’ll lose out on £275 due to a string of five bank holidays in the run-up to September – when her daughter starts nursery.

The topic left parents divided [Photo: Getty]

The mum-of-one can’t make up the days by working extra hours, as she studies on Tuesdays and also undertakes paid freelance work in her spare time.

“I totally recognise that she deserves bank holidays too but as a parent who does Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, I feel I would be bearing the brunt of the cost when other parents aren’t.

“If I did Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I would never have this situation at all! What would be a fair solution here?”

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The post soon divided parents with a number advising that she pays the childminder on bank holidays regardless of whether she’s working or not.

“I think the child minder gets to set the rules, it’s not a negotiation really,” one wrote. “Round here, childminders are like gold dust so if you have one you are happy with I wouldn’t create bad feeling for the sake of a few days.”

Another agreed, adding: “You like the childminder and your child is happy. It’s finishing in September, realistically I wouldn’t challenge it as you have more to lose. Lesson if looking for childcare again in future.”

While others don’t believe that she should have to pay for a childminder on bank holidays due to the lack off a contract.

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“If she’s not available to look after your child, she shouldn’t expect payment,” one parent wrote. “The setting is closed! I’ve worked for a few childminders and none charged for bank holidays as they weren’t willing to work them.”

Another commented, “If it’s a casual arrangement with no contract or set terms and conditions, I would only pay for the actual hours she has your child.”

“She is not your employee so you don’t owe her any holiday pay,” a fellow parent added. “Therefore in the absence of a contract, the rule should be service equals pay. If she is not available, then she doesn’t get paid.”

What do you think?

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