Mum calls out Poundland for 'training boys to be sex pests'

Caroline Allen
Poundland are selling a babygrow featuring the words ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ on the front. [Photo: Getty]

A mum has called out Poundland on Twitter for selling a babygrow emblazoned with the words “Lock Up Your Daughters”. Rebecca Roache claims that it teaches boys how to be “sex pests”.

Rebecca who is a senior lecturer of philosophy at Royal Holloway University of London, branded the babygrow as “depressing” and an example of “#everydaysexism”.

She spotted the babygrow on sale of £1.50 in Poundland’s store in Oxon.

Responses to the tweet have been mixed, with some rushing to agree with Rebecca and others making comments like: “You are, in fact, everything that is wrong with today’s world”.

One woman agreed with the Mum, saying it trains everyone that “the right response to sex pests is to regulate women’s conduct”. 

Another said: “Gross. Boys’ clothes have a lot of dodgy messages.”

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A lot of the comments called for the woman to “grow up” though, suggesting that people are too quick to take offence to things.

One man described it as a “harmless phrase used as banter”. He went on to say, “I grew up hearing and using the phrase ‘lock up your daughters’ and didn’t grow up to be a sex pest.”

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Another replied on Twitter saying, “That baby grow is for 6-9 month old baby.  We are offended by everything! Grow up!”

The blue babygrow is available for newborns to infants up to 12 months. It’s for sale next to a pink babygrow with the slogan “Mummys [sic] little diva’ on the front.

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