Older People, Tell Us Which Fashion And Beauty Trends From Younger People Confuse You

As times change, so do trends, and older people are often confused (or even shocked) by things younger generations wear today. So, older people, please tell us the fashion and beauty trends of younger generations that don't make sense to you.

Sarah Jessica Parker sits at a café table with a coffee cup, holding an item while wearing a light blouse and patterned vest, hair styled in a side braid

For example, maybe you don't understand (and also hate) the whole trend of young people wearing sneakers with a suit jacket because you feel it's unprofessional.

A person wearing a suit and tie with sneakers, no socks

Or maybe you find it confusing to see young people wearing oversized sweatshirts over bike shorts because they seem to be dressed for two different kinds of weather.

Whitney Peak and Emily Alyn Lind, dressed casually, are seen through a glass window walking indoors. Whitney wears a hoodie and jacket; Emily in a striped shirt

Maybe you don't see the appeal of that popular haircut that's big and poufy up top and swoops at the bottom because guys look like they always have helmet hair.

A young man smiling and wearing a hoodie

Or maybe you don't get how people wear those big, fluffy false eyelashes because you tried it once, and it felt WAY too heavy.

Mikayla Nogueira applying mascara
Mikayla Nogueira / Via tiktok.com

Whatever it is, tell us the fashion and beauty trends that younger people do today that completely confused you (or use this Google Form if you want to be anonymous). You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video.