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No7's Future Renew SPF is absolutely worth buying, especially while on sale for £13.70

One sold every five seconds on launch day and right now you can get £10 off.

I've been using No7's new suncream in my daily skincare routine. (Boots/Yahoo Life UK)

No7's Future Renew skincare range, which launched last year, quickly grew to become the fastest-selling collection in the brand's history, with one item selling every two seconds on the day it launched. In fact, the record-breaking products have even risen to become some of the best-selling skincare products across the entirety of Boots.

Quick overview
  • No7 Future Renew UV Defence Shield SPF 50

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  • No7 Future Renew Regime

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  • No7 Future Renew SPF Skincare Regime

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Featuring the brand's most scientifically-advanced formulas yet, No7's collection of serums and moisturisers are packed with a 'super-peptide' known as Pepticology to tackle skin damage caused by sun exposure, environmental pollution, stress, and more. In a nutshell, Pepticology tricks the skin into thinking it's damaged, which kickstarts its recovery and renewal process. As a result, it boosts the production of collagen and fibrillin – AKA key components for skin plumpness and elasticity.

🛍️ Product reviewed: No7 Future Renew UV Defence Shield SPF 50
Tested for: One week
Rating: 5/5
💸 Reasons to buy: Absorbs quickly, isn't greasy, doesn't cause breakouts and layers well beneath make-up
Reasons to avoid: At full price, it's a little on the expensive side so I'd recommend bagging this deal while you can
💰 Best deal we've found: Boots is currently offering £10 off when you enter the code REVERSE10 at checkout, making it less than £15

I spent a week testing No7's new Future Renew SPF50 to see how well it absorbed, how it left my skin feeling and if it was suitable to wear under make-up.

Save £11 with code
£14 at Boots

Having initially launched with a day cream, night cream, serum and eye cream, No7 has now added to its Future Renew roster with a brand-new Future Renew UV Defence Shield SPF 50 to protect you from sun exposure

As a beauty journalist, I tell anyone who will listen that wearing SPF is the best thing you can do for your skincare. While I'm a strong advocate of applying it every day, it's especially important to do so now that the weather is getting sunnier.

It layers beneath make-up without adding shine or disrupting my foundation.(Yahoo Life UK)
It layers beneath make-up without adding shine or disrupting my foundation.(Yahoo Life UK)

UV sunlight is the number one cause of visible skin damage, which is why sun cream is so important. In fact, a whopping 80% of premature skin ageing is caused by the sun, causing the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and dryness.

Having tried a ton of different SPFs over the years, I was intrigued to try the new No7 sun cream to see if it lives up to the hype, especially considering that one was sold every five seconds on launch day earlier this month. Over the past seven days I've put it to the test, applying it every morning and it has quickly become my favourite SPF to wear everyday.

No7 states that the new sun cream has been 'carefully formulated to be lightweight and invisible, fast-absorbing, and shine-free so it sits easily under make-up', which many of us know is no easy feat to find.

Well, after incorporating it into my daily skincare routine, I can confirm that all of the above is true.

It's a thin, fluid consistency that feels like a very lightweight, milky serum that takes just seconds to rub into the skin and leaves you with a subtle radiance, without any added shininess, even in my perpetually oily T-zone.

The ingredients and what they do:

Sodium Hyaluronate: A hydrating agent with anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce dryness
✨ Broad Spectrum UV: Protects from UVA and UVB damage from the sun's rays - UVA causes long term damage such as wrinkles and fine lines, while UVB is responsible for sunburn and skin cancer
✨ Matrixyl 3000+ peptide: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The SPF is also powerful in providing a defense shield against UV rays in sunlight, formulated with No7’s highest and lightest SPF 50 to date. Additionally, it includes an anti-aging peptide, Matrixyl 3000+, to smooth fine lines and as well as hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate.

Future Renew is No7's best-selling range to date. (No7)
Future Renew is No7's best-selling range to date. (No7)
It's lightweight, non-greasy and quick to absorb. (Yahoo Life UK)
It's lightweight, non-greasy and quick to absorb. (Yahoo Life UK)

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Once applied, it leaves a silky texture behind, and there was no pilling or greasiness when trying to apply make-up on top of it, which is a must for daily use.

Overall, I was really impressed with the formula, which provides broad-spectrum coverage (meaning it protects you from both UVA and UVB rays). It has a mild but inoffensive scent, and the SPF 50 means it's great for both everyday use in the UK and when on holiday.

To be completely honest, this SPF is worth every penny in my opinion. While the usual retail price of £24.95 isn't cheap, I strongly believe that SPF is one item in your make-up bag you shouldn't skimp on.

Of course, there are more affordable options available, I'd recommend the Garnier Ambre Solaire Super UV Anti-Age Face Protection Cream SPF50 (£13) and the Bondi Sands Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ for Face (£8.99) if you're after something cheaper.

However, while this No7 SPF is on sale for just £13.70, it would still be my first affordable pick.

Currently, there's a few savings to snap up on this sun cream. However, the one with the most saving is that you can get £10 off when you enter the code REVERSE10 at checkout, reducing it to just £13.70 — an absolute bargain.

Or, if you're looking to stock up on a few bits, there is also a three for two deal on selected No7 items, where you can get the cheapest item for free.

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If you want to try a range of Future Renew products, there are also some great value bundles up for grabs. So, you can totally revamp your skincare routine and save some money in the process.

This set contains four Future Renew products:

No7 Future Renew Defence Shield SPF50 50ml

No7 Future Renew™ Serum 25ml

No7 Future Renew™ Night Cream 50ml

No7 Future Renew™ Eye Serum 15ml

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This set contains all five products from the Future Renew range:

-No7 Future Renew Defence Shield SPF50 50ml

-No7 Future Renew Serum 50ml

-No7 Future Renew™ Night Cream 50ml

-No7 Future Renew™ Day Cream SPF40 50ml

-No7 Future Renew™ Eye Serum 15ml

£100 at Boots