New hack for peeling garlic is lighting up the Internet

A new hack for peeling garlic is lighting up the Internet [Photo: Getty]
A new hack for peeling garlic is lighting up the Internet [Photo: Getty]

A genius hack to peel garlic is currently blowing up Twitter.

Who doesn’t love a good viral hack?

Recently those clever folks on social media have taught us how to use our chopping board properly, how to microwave rice and keep our kitchen appliances clean and the time-saving way to make mashed potato.

But the latest hack which is currently blowing the Internet’s collective mind involves a new way to peel cloves of garlic.

While most of us might take to shedding the skin manually, clove by clove, or smashing it all on our chopping board a la Jamie Oliver, one woman has revealed that we may have been peeling our garlic all wrong this entire time.

Twitter user @VPestilenZ shared a trick that involves using a knife to gently stab and pull each individual piece of garlic out of its skin, effectively peeling and separating them in one go. Genius!

Understandably Twitter users were pretty impressed with the new way of peeling garlic with many expressing surprise that we’d never known this before.

Even Chrissy Teigen took the time to express her wonder at the new technique.

But while many were full of praise for the simple yet genius hack, others who had put the hack to the test themselves were somewhat less than impressed.

This lead some users to wonder whether this was a similar situation to the pull-apart pineapple hack, where putting the hack into practice was significantly more difficult than the video had us believing.

We guess the only way to be sure about the new hack’s effectiveness is to test it out for yourselves.

But if your knife skills aren’t up to scratch do please take care. Just like peeling and prepping an avocado lead to an influx of casualties, we could well be looking at a new injury term for garlic.

Garlic hand anyone?