Pre-sliced avocados are here to save you from avocado hand

<i>Never hurt yourself slicing an avocado again [Photo: Getty]</i>
Never hurt yourself slicing an avocado again [Photo: Getty]

Last week, ‘avocado hand’ stormed the nation. With a number of people cutting themselves while trying to slice the fruit, experts agreed that there should be safety warnings in supermarkets.

Iceland listened carefully to the problem and came up with a way to cure your pain once and for all.

The supermarket is now selling frozen avocados that require zero preparation. That’s no de-stoning, no peeling and most importantly, no slicing.

If you’re worrying about a loss in flavour, think again. Iceland has assured that each avocado is frozen at its peak ripeness, meaning you’ll never have to work out when they’re ready to eat ever again.

<i>Iceland are changing the avocado game [Photo: Getty]</i>
Iceland are changing the avocado game [Photo: Getty]

Of course, the only downside is you’ll have to defrost them for a few hours. So prepare to take avocados off of your impulse snack list.

They’re also not cheap with a bag of eight half slices costing £2.50. You can decide whether the pros outweigh the cons.

Iceland’s Head Chef Neil Nugent praised the product, saying: “Our frozen avocado is a great staple for every avocado lover’s freezer, allowing them to create delicious recipes, reduce waste, and avoid injury – all at the same time.”

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