Man goes viral with game-changing pineapple eating trick

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A man’s hack for eating a pineapple with his hands has gone viral. [Photo: Getty]
A man’s hack for eating a pineapple with his hands has gone viral. [Photo: Getty]

A man has gone viral for sharing an innovative method for eating a pineapple with minimal chopping.

Dennis Naghizadeh, who has since dubbed himself “Pineapple King of Twitter”, went viral on the platform after sharing a demonstration of the method.

The clip, which was originally posted by a user on TikTok – a video creation app – has garnered hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes since it was posted last Friday.

The method involves eating each segment of the fruit by grabbing hold of the prickly spines at the side. While the video creator appears to have chopped off the top of the fruit first, he takes the rest of it apart without the use of a knife.

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Many users were totally sold on the trick, with several trying it out for themselves with success.

Others were more sceptical of Dennis’ method, while others claimed they had tried it and it hadn’t worked out all so easy.

The general consensus was that a ripe pineapple was required for this trick to work properly.

This isn’t the first food hack to get the internet talking.

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Earlier this year, a mum-of-two shared her simple but effective microwave rice hack on Facebook, which was dubbed a “game changer”.

And late last year, a mum’s time-saving mashed potato hack divided Mumsnet users, with some excited to try it out while others weren’t so convinced.

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