Netflix Baby Reindeer 'real life Martha' admits she hasn't watched show: 'I think I’d be sick'

The 'real life' Martha from Baby Reindeer has given her first bombshell interview, after claiming that she is the person that the character was based on in the hit Netflix series.

She sat down for a chat with Piers Morgan, 59, for his YouTube channel, Piers Morgan Uncensored, as she claimed that she has 'never watched the show' and that doing so would make her 'be sick', before branding the show 'horrifying and misogynistic'.

The 58 year old claims that she is the inspiration for the character of Martha, but she's strongly-refuted many of the storylines about Martha in the Netflix show that has gripped millions around the globe.

On the show, Martha bombards the main character, Donny Dunn with thousands of emails and texts after meeting him in a pub in London.

Baby Reindeer
Netflix's Baby Reindeer has gripped millions of viewers across the world -Credit:Netflix

Speaking on Piers' new YouTube channel, she continued: "I haven't watched any of it. I think I'd be sick. It's taken over enough of my life."

"I find it quite obscene. It's horrifying, misogynistic.

"Some of the death threats have been really terrible online.

"People phoning me up. You know, it's been absolutely horrendous. I wouldn't give credence to something like that.

"And it's not really my kind of drama."

Baby Reindeer stars Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning reunited on a red carpet at a movie premiere
Baby Reindeer stars Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning reunited on a red carpet at a movie premiere -Credit:Shutterstock

A Netflix executive has claimed producers took every precaution to protect any real life inspirations for characters on the series, and Richard Gadd, who created and starred in the show, which is claimed to be based on his real life, even made a plea for internet sleuths not to hunt down the real Martha.

Benjamin King, the Senior Director of Public Policy, UK and Ireland, spoke about the show in parliament, where he said that Netflix and Clerkenwell Films - who made the show - took "every reasonable precaution in disguising the real-life identities of the people involved in that story".

He also said that Netflix needed to make the balance between protecting identities with upholding the "veracity and authenticity" of the show.

"We didn't want to anonymise that or make it generic to the point where it was no longer his story because that would undermine the intent behind the show," Benjamin said.

"Ultimately, it's obviously very difficult to control what viewers do, particularly in a world where everything is amplified by social media.

"I personally wouldn't be comfortable with a world in which we decided it was better that Richard was silenced and not allowed to tell the story."

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