National Beer Day: 5 weird beer flavours from around the world

Beer flavours
Would you forfeit an Amstel for one of these ? [Photo: Instagram/Honest Brew/solorzano_bros]

While plenty of us are partial to a slightly-edgy IPA or American craft beer, for many, the most exotic beer we usually go for is called ‘Stella Artois’.

But amongst the traditional beers are more and more bizarre-flavoured ones popping up in pubs and beer shops across the world.

Ever had a bacon-flavoured beer, for example, or a banana-flavoured one? Or a beer that’s both?

To celebrate National Beer Day in the UK on Thursday 15 June, we’ve rounded up five weird and wonderful beer flavours from across the globe.

Having a cider-and-black will seem extremely tame once you’ve heard of these bizarrely-flavoured brews…

  1. Pizza-flavoured beer (Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer, 4.7%)

Why have beer with your pizza, when you could have both in one bottle?

Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer calls itself the “world’s first culinary beer” and is made by physically putting a pizza into the beer mash during the brewing process.

2. Bacon and banana-flavoured beer (Smokey Bacon Banana, 5.6%, Mad Hatter)

Smokey bacon banana
Certainly a change from ‘hoppy’ [Photo: Honest Brew]

If you want to try a beer that tastes a little like an American breakfast, but don’t know if you can commit, never fear – each 330ml bottle is £3.09.

Oh, and it’s vegan too.

3. Pastrami-flavoured beer (Pastrami Pils, 5.5%, Shmaltz Brewing)

Who knew there was such a demand for beers that taste like meat?

Shmaltz Brewing’s created a beer that tastes just like the smoked beef in celebration of National Pastrami Day in the US last year.

4. Avocado-flavoured beer (Avocado Ale, 4.5%, Angel City Brewery)

Angel City Brewery describes this as a “light bodied, golden kolsch-style ale brewed with fresh California avocados giving it a refreshing and creamy finish”.

Not sure if two things even as wonderful as beer and avocados would work in harmony when it comes down to it but hell, we’d definitely try it.

5. Oreo-flavoured beer (Hornswoggler with Oreos, 7%, The Veil Brewing Co.)

This stout was made with 100 pounds of crushed Oreos and is so cookie heavy that the brewery warns that “there may be some residual fermentable sugars from the cookies in the beer”.

So it’s essentially our favourite Oreo-and-milk combo in beer form.

Next time you pop to a pub and see a fruit-flavoured cider, you won’t bat an eyelid.

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