Mum calls for 'childless couples' to be banned from Disney World

An “exhausted” mother has called for people without children to be banned from Disney World.

Disney World, also known as the Walt Disney World Resort, is the most visited holiday resort in the world.

While a hugely popular destination among families, it offers a number of attractions for all ages, from family-friendly rides and mini-golf courses to a tiki bar and night club reserved for over-21s.

Twitter user @JenKatWrites shared the woman’s expletive-laden post, calling it her “favorite wild mommy post”.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. [Photo: Getty]
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. [Photo: Getty]

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The post has since gone viral, receiving 17,000 retweets and a series of unimpressed comments from parents and non-parents alike.

The original poster, whose identity has been protected, complains about the people who attend the resort without children of their own.

“Mothers with children should be allowed to skip all the line!!!” she complained of the “long line[s]” at certain attractions.

The original poster goes on to tell an anecdote about watching another woman – who it is implied does not have children – buying a pretzel, while the mother’s three year old son complained he did not have one of his own.

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“The lines was very long so I said later and it broke his little heart [...] Thanks bitch you made my son cry!!!,” she writes.

This isn’t the first example of tension between parents and childless adults.

In October last year, a woman complained about her friend’s belief that non-parents shouldn’t have a say in raising children – prompting substantial debate either side.

And even among parenting circles, people have vastly opposing views on how to raise children, from what age to leave children at home alone to the ever-present vaccination debate.