Top 10 most Instagrammed wedding spots

It's all about location, and these locations just so happen to be the best in the world. [Photo: Getty]
It's all about location, and these locations just so happen to be the best in the world. [Photo: Getty]

There’s a whole host of logistics to consider when picking a destination wedding, not least which destination you should go for.

With so many breathtaking places around the world, it’s no wonder so many brides and grooms don’t even know where to begin.

Well, what better place to start than Instagram? After all, we already save our favourite clothes, interiors and even meals on there.

Flowercard has done the maths and these are the top 10 most Instagrammed wedding locations around the world.

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#10 Santorini

What could it be about this tiny island in the Aegean sea that keeps brides, grooms and honeymooners coming back for more?

Perhaps it’s the whitewashed houses or the rugged landscapes? The dark blue roofs or the all-round warm climate? We could go on.

#9 Paris

It’s called the city of love for a reason.

The French capital is laden with wide boulevards, designer boutiques and Instagram opportunities around every corner.

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#8 Tuscany

This region of central Italy has been up there with the best in the world for destination weddings for some time.

It has mountains, groves, vineyards, beaches, cities. Whatever type of wedding you’d like, you can have it in Tuscany.

#7 San Francisco

San Fransisco is the first US city to make the top 10 list and we can see why.

It’s is every Instagram-addicts dream. From Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge to clam chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf. What’s not to fall in love with?

#6 Arizona

Natural colour palettes are huge for weddings in 2019, and what better place to have a destination wedding than the home of the natural colour palette?

From sprawling national parks to never-ending deserts, this is an adventurer’s playground.

#5 Las Vegas

Stag and hen parties flock to Las Vegas in their droves, but it’s fast becoming one of the most popular destination weddings, too.

We can see the draw; stag party, hen party, wedding and honeymoon all in once place.

Don’t forget, there’s a quieter side to Las Vegas too, with canyons galore for the perfect Insta-snap.

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#4 Los Angeles

US cities are hot property when it comes to destination wedding seekers and the white sands of LA are no exception.

Just like many of the other top picks, Los Angeles has it all, from beaches, to city vibes to picturesque hikes.

#3 Miami

With the Everglades to the west and Biscayne Bay to the east, there’s plenty of beauty in Miami, not to mention the glorious weather.

With some pretty impressive hotels to boot, we can see why Miami gets the bronze spot.

#2 New York City

New York, New York so good is came in second.

If you’re looking for an urban wedding, New York has surely got to be the best place in the world.

#1 Bali

Bali is destination wedding royalty, so there’s really no surprise it has nabbed the top spot.

This Indonesian island does laid-back luxury better than anywhere in the world. Oh, and it’s pretty much guaranteed good weather. Where do we sign up?

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