• Race against lockdown: a tale of escape and close calls in Australia

    It reads like the blurb of a far-fetched sci-fi movie. As the delta variant swept across Australia, one Kiwi traveller travelled from place to place to avoid getting caught up in the state lockdowns. Anna Cullins escaped them by the skin of her teeth, joining a fleet of “grey nomads and hippy travellers” who fled the southern states in camper vans that have since packed out caravan parks across northern Australia. An educational facilitator, Cullins has worked with health and education initiativ

  • What to do if you were planning on going to Italy this summer

    Italy has extended at the last opportunity its requirement for Britons to self-isolate for five days on arrival in the country. The rule, introduced in June, was due to expire on July 30, but will now be kept in place until August 30, the health minister Roberto Speranza said late on Thursday. This means the plans of thousands of British holidaymakers are likely to be thrown into disarray, with Italian authorities issuing fines to anyone who breaks quarantine. In 2019, before the Covid-19 pandem

  • Travel news latest: Holidays in jeopardy as Greece tightens rules and Italy extends quarantine

    Hopes for hassle-free summer holidays have been dealt another blow, after Greece tightened the rules on its party islands and Italy extended restrictions on UK travellers. Extra police have been deployed to popular Greek islands including Mykonos, over fears that tourist venues aren’t complying with Covid measures. A reported 186 officers have been sent to the island, almost four times the usual number stationed there. The Greek deputy civil protection minister Nikos Hardalias said Mykonos, alon

  • 'How I organised a multi-generational holiday for 10 people to Mallorca'

    The Germans have a word for it, of course. We Brits call it “that feeling when you’ve been locked down by a pandemic for blinking ages and are desperate to pack your bags and head off somewhere far away”. In Dusseldorf they simply say “fernweh”. I have had fernweh symptoms for weeks: uncontrollable twitches at breakfast when the morning mail brings a postcard depicting an exotic beach; spasmodic blinking when discovering a passport at the bottom of the desk drawer; incoherent burbling when a bot

  • Britons now face even more competition to find a staycation

    The news that Britain is reopening to fully vaccinated travellers from America and the EU from August 2 is the small step back to normality that the travel industry so desperately needed. However, the potential influx of overseas holidaymakers could make it even harder for Britons hoping to bag a last-minute summer break, as the competition intensifies in an already barren holiday landscape. The US has long been Britain's most valuable country in terms of tourism. Visit Britain reports that in 2

  • Wellcome Photography Prize 2021: Striking images capture the reality of Covid-19 around the world

    The winners of the prestigious competition have been announced.

  • International cruise holidays are finally coming back – here's how they will work

    The news that cruise customers and lines have been eagerly awaiting was finally delivered by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on Twitter this week, swiftly followed by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office replacing its year-long advice against sailing overseas with a long list of guidance which also covers fly cruises. It’s clear that travel abroad won’t return to pre-pandemic normal overnight, and cruising will still face many challenges over the coming months. But here are answers

  • To steady your holiday nerves, know your rights

    While the build up to a holiday is no doubt exciting, it is never supposed to be nail biting. Unfortunately, more and more British travellers have found this to be the case during the pandemic as they have been forced to run not just one gauntlet, but several: from the fast-changing nature of the traffic light system to the bureaucracy of testing legislation. Now, despite the easing of restrictions on the fully vaccinated, there is a fresh threat to your summer holiday: the “pingdemic”. At its p

  • Government is ‘increasingly confident' that green and amber lists will grow

    Rapid testing alone will not release people from travel quarantine, insists Foreign Secretary Which countries are on the travel green list? The rules on travel to the US Which countries are on the amber list? Looking forward to a summer holiday? Prepare for chaos More countries could be added to the green and amber lists in next week’s traffic light review, the Government has suggested. "We've done the job we had to do domestically and as we see other countries catch up if you like, I think we a

  • Move over Taj Mahal, these Welsh slate quarries are just as fascinating

    It appears incongruous but the industrial heritage of North Wales has just been named as the UK’s 33rd Unesco World Heritage Site. The award reflects the international significance of Welsh slate in "roofing the 19th century world". It’s the fourth site in Wales alongside the castles of Edward I, the Blaenavon industrial landscape and the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct near Llangollen. It’s a well-deserved accolade. This is a boost for British heritage, too, after Liverpool was stripped of its Unesco sta

  • Great Yarmouth – the seaside resort seizing a wind of change

    Johnny Green spends a long weekend sampling old and new delights in the popular seaside town.

  • How to choose the best Kent coast town for your summer day trip

    Securing a UK summer holiday may be a losing battle now, but there are always day trips. And few places have captured the imagination this summer quite like the ‘Kent Riviera’. Under an hour and a half from London, via the high-speed train from St Pancras, this stretch of coast has long been popular with DFLs (Down from Londoners), as locals witheringly call the visitors who come to slurp oysters and stumble along the shingle beaches. Each Kent coast town has a distinctive personality, from Whit

  • A revamped resort in Dylan Thomas’ favourite haunt is a masterpiece

    Gareth Cotter-Stone stays in the newly-renovated Dylan Coastal Resort.

  • The bizarre history of vaccine certificates

    In 1716, Giacomo Pagliano left the Sicilian port of Messina on a ship laden with goods bound for the Adriatic coast city of Ancona. Sicily had become an important stop on trade routes criss-crossing the Mediterranean, and this departure was no different to the likely dozens on any given day. With his cargo, Giacomo carried with him a rather ornate document explaining that he and his crew were “free from diseases” and permitting entry to various docks without the need to quarantine. With a devast

  • Foreign cruise ban to be lifted from August 2

    Which countries are on the travel green list? The rules on travel to the US Which countries are on the amber list? Looking forward to a summer holiday? Prepare for chaos Holiday bingo: What to look out for on your travels British holidaymakers will be able to take international cruises in line with Foreign Office advice as part of changes to England’s overseas travel rules next week, the Government has confirmed. Non-domestic cruises on ocean going ships have effectively been out of reach for mo

  • The family holiday that brings The Gruffalo to life in Hampshire

    We’ve all needed our escapism over the past 18 months – the fantasy worlds found in books and films to carry us away from the non-stop negative news cycle of the pandemic. Part of my escapism has been in the bedtime routine I’ve established with my daughter. A chance to cuddle up together and lose ourselves in stories about talking animals, dancing giraffes, accident-prone dragons and so much more. One of our favourites, naturally, is The Gruffalo, the famous tale of the plucky mouse who outwits

  • Move over, Margate: This seaside town is the UK’s new holiday hotspot

    Airbnb has revealed this summer’s most in-demand coastal destinations, and Sandgate in Kent has come out on top.

  • Travel news latest: US Government urged to rethink UK travel ban

    Which countries are on the travel green list? Looking forward to a summer holiday? Prepare for chaos Holiday bingo: What to look out for on your travels Following news that the US has no plans to ease current travel restrictions, travel bosses are urging the White House to rethink its plans. Yesterday a White House official confirmed the US will "maintain existing travel restrictions," citing concerns over the Delta variant, both domestically and abroad. Tori Emerson Barnes, vice president of pu

  • The rule changes we hope the travel 'checkpoint' will bring

    Could Covid-19 test requirements for travel be cut down, or prices reduced? Will the amber plus category expand, or be scrapped? When will the Foreign Office lift its effective ban on international cruises? Holidaymakers and the travel industry will be looking for answers to these questions and more in the latest “checkpoint” or “strategic review” on the requirements for international travel, due by July 31, under the Global Travel Taskforce recommendations. We dig into some of the key points th

  • The green-listed island you’ve never thought to visit

    Terraces of tiny fields, tucked within a lattice of drystone walls, sweep away beneath me to the glittering blue waters of the Mediterranean. I’ve stopped at a little limestone chapel perched high above the coast as I catch sight of a colourful catamaran hoving into view. It’s the vessel that brought me here, the new fast ferry to Gozo from the Maltese capital. Departing from Valletta’s Grand Harbour, flanked by the towering fortifications of the Knights of St John, the ferry slips between defen

  • 40 things you probably didn't know about Big Ben

    Big Ben, the Great Bell of Elizabeth Tower in central London, is currently silenced as restoration work on the structure takes place (it is due to regularly chime again in 2022). While scaffolding obscures the landmark, here are 40 facts for your arsenal about London’s beloved icon. Big Ben facts 1. Tourists and locals alike often say “Big Ben” when referring to the landmark tower at the Houses of Parliament. But that's not quite accurate. Formerly known as the Clock Tower, the structure was ren

  • The 7 emotional stages of going on your first post-lockdown holiday

    Travelling during a pandemic can be a stressful experience.

  • Drowning doesn't look like drowning - the guide every parent should read

    It is a far more common occurrence than you might think, yet most of us have no idea what drowning really looks like. Clue number one: forget everything you've seen in the films. There's no yelling or splashing; it's undramatic and easy to ignore. Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death worldwide, with children particularly susceptible, according to the World Health Organization. For infants up to the age of three, it's the number one cause in countries like Australia where expos

  • From pop-up campsites to a stay in Nelson Mandela's home: the week's positive travel picks

    Think travel is all doom and gloom? Think again. Here are some exciting things happening in the world of tourism to remind us that great experiences await both on home turf, and further afield as soon as we can travel freely again. New wellness retreats launching in the UK From August, in:spa, the luxury health and fitness retreat specialist, is launching ‘kick-start’ wellbeing breaks at Kirtlington Park, Oxford. The Grade-I listed property will be the new base for the in:spa team of health and

  • What a carnivore discovered on the UK’s first ‘vegan trail’

    Naysaying friends told me expect a plate of beans – maybe some lentils. As a proposed dinner, that seemed inoffensive enough, even if it was the kind of Saturday night meal that might leave you furious. So you can understand my delight when the full three courses arrived. First, chilli, lime and coconut potato gratin with cox-apple tartar. Then buckwheat, lentil and barley haggis wellington with charred-leek purée, concluding with sea-buckthorn ice cream, vanilla tuile and fresh berries. I could

  • Travel news: The US refuses to lift restrictions on British visitors

    Which countries are on the travel green list? Looking forward to a summer holiday? Prepare for chaos Holiday bingo: What to look out for on your travels today The US won't be easing travel restrictions any time soon, in another blow to the prospects of trans-Atlantic movement this summer. "Given where we are today with the delta variant, the United States will maintain existing travel restrictions at this point," a White House official told Reuters on Monday, citing the spread of the delta varia