Millie Mackintosh shares postpartum body video with reminder not to believe everything you see on Instagram

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Millie Mackintosh has issued a warning to women not to believe everything they see on social media, pictured April 2019. (Getty Images)
Millie Mackintosh has issued a warning to women not to believe everything they see on social media, pictured April 2019. (Getty Images)

Millie Mackintosh has shared a video clip showing her postpartum body along with a relatable message encouraging people not to believe everything they see on social media.

The new mum, who gave birth to daughter, Sienna, this May, shared a video on Instagram of herself wearing a crop top and leggings, to show how certain angles can be deceiving.

The former Made in Chelsea star, 31, initially posed facing forwards with her hand on her hip.

But then the new mum turned to the side, to reveal that from this view her tummy looks a little more rounded, as she rubbed it, proudly.

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Mackintosh was hoping to showcase that bodies can look completely different depending on the angle they are captured from and she offered followers a reminder that everything is not always as it seems on social media.

“Just a reminder that Instagram is rarely reality #keepingitreal #postpartumbody,” she captioned the video clip.

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Since sharing the insta vs reality video clip, Mackintosh has been flooded with comments praising her for her honesty about postpartum bodies.

“Thanks for being honest,” one person wrote. “So many women put so much unnecessary pressure on themselves to bounce back after a baby, and it needs to be a careful process as our bodies go through so much in pregnancy and then in labour. There is no rush. You still look fabulous though.”

“It’s great you are showing us reality’s [sic] of child birth and c-sections are really like,” another added. “And not like some celebs, who [look] like they never even gave birth. Hurrah for reality and realism.”

“Thank you for being both honest and inspirational. You look fantastic and what a great attitude to have,” a third person commented.

But some Instagram users did say that the fact that Mackintosh still looked slim even during the ‘reveal’ might contribute to the pressure some mums feel about their post-pregnancy bodies.

“For me, this reinforces that pressure,” one mum wrote. “The reason being, she is still absolutely tiny and a world apart from a lot of mums so soon after pregnancy. Me included. I’m not saying she doesn’t work for it, am sure she does and know she’s always kept fit and healthy but this is hardly the average ‘typical’ post baby body.”

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It isn’t the first time the former Made in Chelsea star has discussed the topic of postpartum bodies.

Back in July she received a wave of support after sharing how she feels about her postpartum body on social media.

Revealing it would be a “lie” if she said she felt happy with her post-pregnancy body, Mackintosh went on to say that comments she has received online have made things harder.

But despite the negative comments Mackintosh, who’s married to former co-star, Hugo Taylor, said she had “no intention of rushing to get her body back”.

Since giving birth to her daughter, the new mum has been open about her experiences of motherhood.

Last month she celebrated her breastfeeding journey in an Instagram post, explaining she had had “highs and lows” including “going up nearly 10 bra sizes practically overnight”.

The mum-of-one has also been trying to help normalise breastfeeding, regularly sharing selfies showing her feeding Sienna.

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