Millie Mackintosh celebrates breastfeeding in sweet selfie and admits 'going up 10 bra sizes overnight was a silver lining'

The former Made In Chelsea star has been open about her journey into motherhood. (Getty Images)
The former Made In Chelsea star has been open about her journey into motherhood. (Getty Images)

New mum Millie Mackintosh celebrated her breastfeeding journey in a recent Instagram post, referencing the hard times, ‘highs and lows’ and admitting 'going up nearly 10 bra sizes practically overnight’ was a ‘pleasurable silver lining'.

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, the 31-year-old TV star posted a sweet photo with her 13-week old daughter, Sienna.

Mackintosh has been open about her experiences as a new mum over the past three months and shared relatable photos throughout her pregnancy, too.

Now, she explains how she has felt “lucky she has been able to experience” breastfeeding in a bid to normalise it.

In the post, former Made in Chelsea star Mackintosh wrote: “Let’s celebrate breast feeding! Yes it’s hard at times but it’s also natural and beautiful and I feel very lucky I’ve been able to experience it!

“There have been highs and lows but it’s been a big part of my motherhood journey so far and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I have to admit going up nearly 10 bra sizes practically overnight has been a pleasurable silver lining!! Such special memories that will stay with me forever!”

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It’s not the first time she has shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her daughter. She previously admitted that it’s her “favourite way to feed her”.

Fans praised her last breastfeeding selfie, in which she wrote how she wanted to “normalise breastfeeding”.

Despite her generally positive outlook, Mackintosh has been sure to post a balanced view of how difficult life as a new mum can be on her Instagram page.

Sharing a clip of herself feeding on her Instagram Stories, she wrote in the caption: “Some days it feels like all I do is feed her.”

She also shared an image of herself expressing breast milk, while also holding baby Sienna and a wine glass.

“Multitasking,” she captioned the picture.

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She encouraged other parents to share their own experiences to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, leaving the comments under her post awash with positive messages.

“I couldn’t breast feed but isn’t the female body just wonderful. I love how it’s no longer tolerated as taboo,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Fed both of mine many years ago (nearly 30 in fact) I found it difficult at times bloody painful at points but loved the experience... am grateful for being able to experience it and in no way undervalue bottle feeding mums... it’s all about the journey of being a mum xx”

Others described the challenges of breastfeeding as an “emotional rollercoaster” but the support for Mackintosh’s decision to share her experience so openly was unanimous.

“Thank you for being so open,” one person simply wrote.