Meghan Markle's ageless high school prom photo has wowed royal fans

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Royal fans can't believe how little Meghan Markle has aged since her school days [Image: Getty]
Royal fans can't believe how little Meghan Markle has aged since her school days [Image: Getty]

It may have been taken 22 years ago - but royal fans say Meghan Markle looks exactly the same as she does in an unearthed school dance photo taken when she was a teenager.

An old snap of the Duchess of Sussex, now 38, has resurfaced on Instagram, and social media users can’t believe how little she has aged. The image - taken in 1997 - shows the Prince Harry’s future wife, aged 16, posing with her then-boyfriend Luis Segura.

She wears a slinky black dress with a choker, and wore her hair in an up-do.

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The couple can be seen beaming as they stand in front of a Christmas tree.

At the time, Meghan was attending Immaculate Heart High School.

The caption accompanying the snap online reads: “16 year old Meghan Markle [poses] with her first boyfriend Luis Segura at a high school Christmas dance in 1997".

Since being shared, the post has received more than 63,000 'likes' - and many social media users were amazed at how little the Duchess appears to have aged.

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One person wrote: "She still looks the same, good genes."

Another commented: "She hasn't changed."

A third shared: "Princess Meghan was a gorgeous teenager."

And a fourth added: "You could have told me that was taken last year and I’d wholeheartedly believe you."

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