Mars in Taurus is teaching all zodiac signs a lesson in the power of patience

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Mars in Taurus is a lesson in embracing patienceHearst Owned

Mars has just moved into Taurus, the fixed Earth sign associated with stability, stoicism, material refinements and sensual pleasures. Because of its orbit, Mars generally spends around 6 weeks in a zodiac sign.

This means the planet of passion, determination, vitality and energy will be in Taurus until July 20th. So what does this mean for us as a collective?

All planets are constantly moving through the zodiac belt, and every time they enter a new sign this infuses them with a new 'personality'. Mars ignites the warrior in each of us. It triggers our motivation, and as it travels through Earth-sign Taurus then it delivers a reality-check that we can't rush things.

Patience isn't just a virtue, it's a solid game plan. You might not see immediate results, but this is no reason to get bored and give up the race.

Sensual Taurus encourages us to root ourselves in the present moment and make the most of the here and now. We can remember the nourishing brilliance of a forest walk, or the glorious restoration of slowing down and enjoying comforts such as cashmere socks and a box-set binge, or lighting our favourite candle and reading before bed, or lingering over a meal we've cooked from scratch.

Whilst Mars energy wants to charge ahead and fling itself into action, the effects of Taurus encourage you to hit the pause button. How can you focus your energy on the lusciousness of the moment? How can you prioritise slow, sensual, steady living over the next few weeks?

Whether this is yin yoga, taking a Sunday evening to batch cook your meals for the week ahead, or finding activity (and delight) in gardening, here’s your invitation to embrace a more sedate pace of life over the next few weeks, without giving up on any health goals. In fact, it’s a perfect recalibration opportunity.

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world of woo womens health

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All planets have signs they are more comfortable moving through than others, and racy, risqué, roar-ahead Mars is in its detriment in Taurus. It doesn’t function at its ideal capacity. This means we must be wary of a few things. Stubbornness, for example. Refusing to change our approach, digging our heels in, or becoming stuck in a rut can be par for the course when Mars is in Taurus.

It’s useful to check your birth chart to see which House has Taurus on the cusp, as Mars is transiting (moving through) that House and therefore igniting that ‘area’ of your life. This will give you an idea of where to focus this diligence, determination and stoic focus, as well as provide clues about where you'll need to stay flexible and check yourself for becoming immoveable (or seeing that red rag and charging in, horns first like a bull in a china shop).

Scorpio Risings, for example, may want to embrace the heat of sensuality in their relationships, or need to analyse where they direct their fiery passion. Is it being used constructively? How can you bring a sense of security in your love life whilst still stoking the sparks of ardour? If frustrations or irritations rise up, what is this telling you about the dynamics of your current relationship status?

Leo Risings will need to be careful about bust-ups in their career but can also find this an excellent time to assert themselves and propel themselves forward to greater heights, allowing their passion to guide them especially in the realm of financial stability.

If your Sun sign (aka your Star Sign) is in any of the fixed signs of Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius then be aware that at some point over the next few weeks you will receive a ‘hard’ aspect (a Square or an Opposition) from Mars to your Sun, which can bring friction or tension.

Key advice: when you feel the annoyance bubbling, want to lash out, let pride overtake patience or dig your heels in then take a hot minute to breathe deeply, count to ten, and possibly even head outside to ‘release charge’ - ie removing shoes and socks and standing your bare feet on grass or earth to literally release energetic charge, or placing your palm on a tree trunk. If you can wait 24 hours before making a big decision, sending an email or having a heated conversation then gift yourself this breathing space!

Taurus star signs will receive a conjunction to your Sun, meaning Mars will move into the same degree as your natal Sun and this can infuse you with additional willpower, determination and drive, so think about what it is you want to plant the seeds of with added gusto and make the commitment to doing it! It signals a new two year cycle, so think about what embers you want to stoke in the next 24 months.

If you’re another Earth sign - Virgo and Capricorn, here’s looking at you - you’ll receive a Trine to your Sun. This is a harmonious aspect that generally brings gifts and opportunities, so be aware for times you feel able to take on more authority, feel that burst of motivation to work towards your goals, and have a surge of energy to align with your passions!

How Mars in Taurus affects things on a global scale

It’s fascinating the way that the movement of Mars into Taurus also aligns with global affairs, such as the peak of mass demonstrations in America. Mars is the planet of war and courage, and Taurus both represents the resources and land we fight over, whilst also ruling values and our power of resistance.

What’s more, as Mars moves into Taurus it forms a tight Square aspect with Pluto in Aquarius. Squares occur when planets are 90 degrees apart, and they result in friction and challenges. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth and the underworld. Whilst in Aquarius, it shows us the dark underbelly of society, and the issues that need to be purged to find a fairer society for all. Warrior Mars also entered Taurus on 6th January 2021, which directly coincided with the storming of the Capitol in Washington D.C - a surge of anger and action in a very different capacity.

As Mars moves through Taurus in 2024 it will form a conjunction with the rebel planet Uranus on July 15th. Mars was last in Taurus in 2022, from July 5th to August 20th, and there was a Uranus conjunction on the 2nd August. This was near the Lionesses winning the Euros (Mars represents sport, Uranus represents, innovation, the changing of status quo and a ‘new dawn’, and Venus-ruled Taurus is linked to femininity). This year Mars will form a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus on 15th July, and will be moving towards this for the days prior, with the final of the Euros is on the 14th July. It indicates surprises and unexpected results, so watch this space!

However on a worldwide scale we also need to watch for lurches in the economy, financial systems or housing market (Taurus rules of these things) or extreme weather (such as forest fires, ruled by Mars) as incidents throughout history have indicated Mars meeting Uranus in Taurus can herald disruption in these areas.

Bex is a professional astrologer specialising in feminine self-development astrology, helping women worldwide to align with their own potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies. The aim is to use the stars and the lunar flow to tap into your highest vibrations, moving from being the passenger on this star-studded journey to being the driving force! She has held workshops all over the world, from Wilderness in the UK to Magnetic Fields in India. Follow her on Instagram, @cosmic_cures

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