It's Cancer Season! Your Guide to the Zodiac Sign, Astrology and Horoscopes


Astrology offers a unique lens through which we can explore various facets of our personality and human experience.

Understanding the celestial significance of all 12 zodiac archetypes can reveal distinct traits and tendencies corresponding to different seasons throughout the year. From the vivacious passion of Aries marking the beginning of spring to the mystical depths of Pisces closing out the astrological year, each season brings forth cosmic energies and influences, guiding us through the ever-changing cycles of life.

As the sun ingresses into Cancer, usually occurring from June 21 through July 22, we celebrate the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Astrologically depicted by the tenacious crab, Cancer season encourages us to prioritize matters of the heart and home.

Emotions are known to run deeper during this celestial season, heightening everything from our intuition to the desire for security and comfort. Under the influence of this Moon-ruled sign, we reconnect with our loved ones and tend to our emotional well-being.

As Cancer season kicks off, we've rounded up all of PEOPLE's coverage of the Water sign and our astrology content — from the ultimate Cancer horoscope for 2024 to how the Summer Solstice will affect each zodiac sign. Keep reading for all things astrology.

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