Man's use of the flat side of Marmite jars goes viral

Caroline Allen
One Twitter users has blown our minds with this Marmite hack. [Photo: Getty]
One Twitter users has blown our minds with this Marmite hack. [Photo: Getty]

A Twitter user has left people scratching their heads after revealing what he believes to be the purpose of the flat side of a marmite jar.

In a viral tweet, he wrote: “It took me years to realise that near-empty Marmite jars should be kept on their side so you can the last of it out more easily. That’s why the jar is flat is the sides.”

Mind blown.

His theory might not be the real reason the side of the jar is flat, but we’re loving it regardless.

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We’ve contacted Unilever to comment on this new development, but it’s safe to say that Twitter users have opinions about it.

The original tweeter said he finds the idea of putting the jar on its side “wrong” as he “wants to see that logo in its full glory”.

One shocked tweet read: “This right here is the tweet of the century. May as well turn the internet off. That is genius!!”

It wasn’t until Radio One’s Greg James said his life had been “changed forever” since realising this that the tweet really started to go viral.

It has since been shared thousands of times and has left people feeling a little, er, completely and utterly mind-blown.

“No way.” Love Island’s Chris Hughes wrote alongside an embarrassed emoji.

“I can’t believe this. What have I been doing all these years. Scraping it out like a GUTTER RAT.” Another mortified user wrote.

In true Marmite fashion, though, some people loved it, some hated it.

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“Alternatively, for better results, throw the entire jar in the bin upon purchase.” One Marmite hater said.

Another agreed: “The reason the jar is not boomerang shaped is so that when you throw it away, it stays thrown away.”

Love it or hate it, it’s safe to say we’ve all learnt something new today.

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