Mayo and ketchup hybrid is coming to the UK

Heinz is launching Saucy Sauce, a mayo ketchup hybrid, on 23rd August. [Photo: Heinz]
Heinz is launching Saucy Sauce, a mayo ketchup hybrid, on 23rd August. [Photo: Heinz]

The condiment world is a pretty hard one to break into.

The sauce heavyweights, including everything from ketchup to brown sauce, have been household staples for some time.

If anyone can upset the equilibrium, though, it’s the condiment kings, Heinz.

Their attempt is called Saucy Sauce, a mayonnaise and ketchup hybrid that was launched in the US last year and is on its way to the UK.

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Stateside, it’s called MayoChup, but you might’ve also heard it referred to as “fry sauce”.

This isn’t a completely new concept. Over in the UK, a lot of people call Saucy Sauce “burger sauce”.

Many people also blend ketchup and mayonnaise together themselves to make the perfect combination.

Heinz are taking away the stress of combining the two by blending it in one easy-to-use squeezy bottle.

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The name change is because there’s already a company in Europe who owns the trademark for MayoChup.

It’s not quite as descriptive as the US version, but we’ll get on board eventually.

Heinz put out a Twitter poll to determine whether Brits were interested in getting on board with the MayoChup life over in the UK.

The answer, obviously, was a resounding yes, please.

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The browny orange sauce of dreams is going to be on sale from 23 August in Tesco stores for the price of £2.49 for a 400ml bottle.

Everybody has their own ketchup to mayonnaise ratio, though, but Heinz are feeling pretty confident about their blend.

“We have perfected the ratio of the two sauces for a delicious, out of this world taste.” A spokesperson modestly wrote on Twitter.

We’ll be the judge of that, Heinz.

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