Marks & Spencer launches strawberry clotted cream to put an end to the age-old debate

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We can finally answer the age old question. (Marks & Spencer)
We can finally answer the age old question. (Marks & Spencer)

What comes first, the jam or the cream? It’s a debate many of us have had over the dining table and despite a former Royal chef weighing in with his thoughts, people still aren’t convinced.

Marks & Spencer has decided to blend our two favourite scone fillings to create a strawberry flavoured clotted cream.

So far, so tasty, but, the new launch - which is already in stores - has been met with some confusion from M&S fans.

The new food hall launch was announced across social media.

Marks & Spencer wrote: “What comes first – jam or cream? Now you don’t have to choose thanks to our new strawberry-flavoured clotted cream. It’s a sweet scone game changer – and it’s in store now.”

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People were a little confused about the message, given that the photos M&S used scones filled with the strawberry-flavoured cream and jam.

“There is jam AND cream in the picture so I am totally confused by your crazy idea,” one scone fan said on Facebook.

While the cream looks delicious, we can see why some people are enraged. After all, scones form the cornerstones of British society and messing with an age-old recipe is dangerous territory.

What we took away from the feedback is that people like the different textures just as much as the taste itself.

“Yuck,” one person replied on Twitter, “It's also the texture, you want the glassy sweet texture of the jam to mix slowly with the smooth soft cream. It's why I also don't have Sunday roast smoothies.”

It’s a good point. Sunday roast smoothies sound pretty grim - and we love a Sunday roast.

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The word “abomination” was bandied around a few times, too. We have some very passionate scone eaters in our midst.

One tweet read: “This feels like a ‘game changer’ in the same way that giving every player a proportionate share of each property on the Monopoly board would be a ‘game changer’ - that is, by virtue of a deeply unpalatable compromise, rendering the whole exercise pointless.”

It’s a philosophical point, we have to admit.

As with every new launch that touches the nerves of British tradition, some people thought it was a great idea.

“I can’t wait to try,” one small voice rose from the outrage.

“OMG, that sounds delicious,” another fan of Marks & Spencer’s new launch announced.

Maybe it’s one of those things you have to taste first before making your mind up, but either way, Marks & Spencer has left us with a hankering for some freshly baked scones.

Plus, we now have three topping choices to decide from - jam, cream or a jam/cream hybrid?

Don’t even get us started on the addition of butter.