Former royal chef gives online lessons on how to make Queen's scones

We can now make the Queen's scones at home. (Getty Images)
We can now make the Queen's scones at home. (Getty Images)

Just when we thought all of the virtual cooking lessons couldn’t get any better, a former royal chef has launched his own YouTube channel to share his recipes with the world.

Since its launch, the channel already has five videos, but there’s one in particular that we’ve had our eye on.

Chef, Darren McGrady, who has 11 years of cooking for the royal family under his belt, has shared the Queen’s favourite scone recipe with us.

Now, we can eat like the Queen during the coronavirus lockdown, with no need to leave our homes.

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Say goodbye to the same old tired banana bread you keep making every week (this is really a note to ourselves) and add these quintessentially British scones to your repertoire.

The recipe - which is refreshingly easy - starts by adding flour, sugar, baking powder and butter to a bowl.

The next step is to rub all of the ingredients together until you achieve a fine breadcrumb texture.

Add the egg, and a little bit of milk at a time, until the dough comes together lightly.

The next stage involves the kneading - which is a pretty satisfying endeavour during a nationwide pandemic.

Knead it lightly and roll it out until it’s around 1-inch thick. Use cookie cutters to cut out each individual scone shape.

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Lastly, you just need to glaze each one of your creations with egg yolk and put them in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 °C until they’re golden brown.

It’s really that simple.

While we’re all waiting for your masterpieces (hopefully) to cook, we can listen to McGrady share little snippets information about how much the Queen loves her scones.

We don’t blame her.

He also talks about the history of afternoon tea in England in a way that has us wishing we had a bone china tea set in the cupboard.

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McGrady also touches on one of the most controversial topics in British history; whether to go in with the jam or the cream first.

It has been known to divide households right down the middle and now McGrady has weighed in on his thoughts on the matter.

According to him, it should go jam first, and then cream. Very interesting, indeed.

If scones aren’t your jam (we couldn’t resist) then McGrady has plenty more quarantine cooking ideas for us to try out, from peanut butter and jelly muffins to chipotle kale and turkey meatballs.

They don’t disappoint.