'Strictly' star Maisie Smith shares legs 'insecurity' and encourages fans to embrace their 'flaws'

Maisie Smith has revealed her body confidence struggle, pictured in October 2019. (Getty Images)
Maisie Smith has revealed her body confidence struggle, pictured in October 2019. (Getty Images)

Maisie Smith has delivered a dose of body confidence after revealing she’s been learning to overcome insecurity about her legs.

The Eastenders actor, who is currently competing in Strictly, shared a string of images to Instagram showing herself rocking some green cycling shorts as she headed to dance rehearsals.

Alongside the snapshots, the 19-year-old posted an inspiring post about learning to love her perceived “flaws”.

“Here lies a collection of photos taken at the exact same time, however, from different angles, under different lighting,” she began her empowering message.

“The past few years I've been VERY insecure about my legs. I covered them up as much possible. No matter how many people told me ‘cellulite is natural...everyone has it...’ I still hated them.”

Smith went on to say that though it has taken her a while to accept the part of her body she’s always considered a “flaw”, she’s getting there.

“I wore gym shorts (out of the house) for the FIRST time a couple of months ago n I was so so proud of myself,” she added.

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And though her body confidence is a work in progress the actor says she’s hoping to get to the stage she can honestly say she is completely happy with her physique.

“I wish I could I say that I LOVE my body but I’m still working on that,” she continued.

“The reason I posted this was because I understand that it's SO hard to love yourself and see your ‘flaws’ as ‘qualities’. We ALL have things we want to change about ourselves.

“But I hope this can help other people feel more confident about their own insecurities. BECAUSE YOU ARE FRIGGING BEAUTIFUL.

“And because self love is the best love.”

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Since sharing her inspiring post, Smith was inundated with messages of support with commenters praising her for sharing the positivity.

“I hadn’t actually read your caption when I looked at your photos ‘I thought oooh I love her legs. How f***ing strong are they’,” one person wrote.

“Then I read your caption. You’re amazing my girl. Strong and beautiful. A girl I want my 13-year-old to aspire to.”

“I think you have #leggoals but thank you for raising awareness and reminding us all,” another added.

“Beautiful caption! So true girl I’m starting to realise this all myself,” yet another fan commented.

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Other commenters pointed out that learning to love ourselves is a great message to be spreading.

“No one’s perfect and it’s about time we all accepted that and embraced who we are,” one fan wrote.

“It takes some balls to post something like this! You’re a great role model,” another agreed.

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This isn’t the first time the actor has spoken about the issue of body confidence.

Back in July she hit back at critics who called her “vain” after she shared a video showing off her midriff.

Smith responded that she believed feeling happy in your own skin is something to be celebrated.

“I get a lot of comments saying that I'm vain and that I love myself,” she said.

“And you are absolutely right – I do love myself, and it’s taken me a while to feel this way.

“So I'm sooo sorry if my happiness offends anyone because I’m just living my movie, I’m just living happily in my skin.

“I think that should be celebrated – not discouraged. Correct me if I’m wrong, guys.”

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