Amanda Holden reveals how she's teaching her teenage daughter body confidence

Amanda Holden has opened up about how she doesn't believe in diets. (Getty Images)
Amanda Holden has opened up about how she doesn't believe in diets. (Getty Images)

From her Britain’s Got Talent outfits to lockdown spent in swimwear in her garden, Amanda Holden exudes an admirable body confidence.

Now, she has revealed how she’s instilling the same commendable value in her teenage daughter Alexa.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, the TV star, 49, explained how she has banned a common phrase from the family home in order to promote her 14-year-old growing up feeling comfortable in her own skin.

She said: “It's so hard for girls now, and if Lexie ever starts a sentence with, 'Do you think I look f...', I cut her off with, 'Do not even say that word in my house.'"

In the interview, conducted by Piers Morgan’s journalist wife Celia Walden, the Heart FM radio show host added that she eschews diet culture.

The mother-of-two – who is also shares eight-year-old daughter Hollie with her record producer husband Chris Hughes – said: “I believe in being able to have that slice of cake.”

She explained that she stays slim by running four times a week and enjoying a healthy vegetarian diet.

The star also noted that her offspring aren’t annoyed by the “skimpy” outfits she wears as a judge - despite them being subject to Ofcom complaints.

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However, Holden added: “What really annoys them is that I'm naked at home.

“Last night I went to say goodnight to Lexie wearing only my shower cap and she screamed, 'Mum! I'm on FaceTime! Why do you always have to be naked?'"

Last month, the star opened up about turning to hypnotherapy to cope with the grief of losing her son to stillbirth in 2011.

In an interview with The Sun, she said: “There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think about Theo, especially when a new school year begins.

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“But after we first lost him, Chris and I were diagnosed with PTSD so we went and had some therapy about that, as anyone would.

“Chris was terribly British about it, went once and was like, ‘Right, I’m cured,’ whereas I continued, and then went to this amazing clinic run by a woman called Zita West for Hypnotherapy.”

Holden added: “I just felt like everything was my fault, and I felt so responsible – what did I do wrong?”

She said she was convinced that without the treatment, she wouldn’t have had the “confidence” to try for another baby the following year.