Love Island fans slam 'fake' Islander for ‘stirring the pot’ after Harriett and Ciaran’s row

Love Island fans have accused Matilda Draper of being "deceptive" following the "brutal" squabble between Ciaran Davies and Harriett Blackmore.

The show on Wednesday 26 June brought a dramatic turn of events during a 'never have I ever' game around the campfire. The innocent game quickly descended into bedlam when Ciaran chose to reply to one particular question, "Never have I ever been two-faced about someone in this villa..." with an explosive accusation.

Ciaran alleged: "For instance, people make comments and then straight after be all nice to me. They say: 'You know, for instance, you need to be careful with him and then oh you're actually really good Ciaran with her. You treat her so well.' So cut the bulls**t, that's Harriett! "

Clearly taken aback, Harriett challenged him to: "Elaborate?" To this, he retorted: "I just explained it!", adding: "You made a comment of Nicole apparently needs to be careful with me and then the day after going: "Oh, Ciaran, you're so good.'"

In retaliation, Harriett snapped back with: "Cool when you're making comments about other Islanders and I'm having a conversation with my friend, I'm going to say that. Yeah? Cool. Honestly, you're so immature, it's actually embarrassing... next!", reports the Mirror.

Ciaran Davies and Harriett Blackmore
Harriett is still fuming about Ciaran's remarks on Love Island -Credit:ITV

In a fiery exchange, Ciaran retorted: "Alright, cool, I haven't been like second choice three times in here, so..." leaving the other Islanders gobsmacked. Matilda, laughing, realised Harriett hadn't heard him and asked him to repeat his comment.

Unfazed, Ciaran reiterated: "I said you're the one who has been second choice like three times in here so.."

Ronnie Vint, previously caught up in a love triangle with Jess White and Harriett, chimed in: "She's first choice now though, brother." An irate Harriett shot back: "Honestly, f**k you, Ciaran, genuinely," to which he cheekily responded: "You wish!" A tearful Harriett then stormed off, followed by some of the other Islanders, as the episode came to a close.

Thursday's episode showed the aftermath, with a distraught Harriett being comforted in the dressing room by Matilda and Grace Jackson. Matilda even criticised Ciaran, expressing disbelief that he had made her cry.


Later on, Harriett confronted love rival Jess, who had sided with Ciaran during the argument. Jess defended herself, leading Matilda to call her out, hinting at a brewing feud in the villa.

However, viewers on Twitter were quick to label Matilda as 'fake', pointing out that she was the one who had encouraged Ciaran to repeat his harsh comment.

One viewer blasted: "Matilda is annoying me now she instigated and told Ciaran to say it again while smiling but is now saying what he said was out of order #loveIsland", while another said: "I actually like Matilda but she laughed when she heard Ciaran and even told him to repeat it so that Harriett could hear. She literally stirred the pot #loveisland". Meanwhile, a third chimed in: "Matilda you heard the comment first and laughed and told Ciaran to repeat it but now you're saying it's nasty? Fake #loveisland."

A Love Island fan commented: "I know what game Matilda is playing, she can't fool me. #loveisland", and another viewer added: "I'm sorry but Matilda egged that whole thing on and is now acting like Harriet's best friend. FAKE! #LoveIsland."