Lidl launches a croissant and roll hybrid just in the for BBQ season

The invention has been dubbed the "croll" by Lidl. [Photo: Lidl]
The invention has been dubbed the "croll" by Lidl. [Photo: Lidl]

If you like to cause a bit of controversy at your BBQ, Lidl’s new launch might be just what you’re looking for.

The 49p croissant-roll hybrid, also called the “croll” will certainly divide food lovers.

It has the structure of a roll, so it won’t flake all over the floor, but it has the taste and light texture of a croissant.

What’s not to love?

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Arguably, the croll is better than just your average roll. After all, this hybrid can withstand both savoury and sweet fillings.

Food hybrids have proven very popular in the past. It wasn’t long ago that people were queuing around the corner to get their hands on a cronut.

People lost their minds over the croissant doughnut combo.

With Kellogg’s launching Rice Krispie beer and brands like KFC launching limited edition recipes (we haven’t forgotten the hot cross bun burger), it seems Lidl is in good company with its latest launch.

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Richard Inglis is Head of Buying at Lidl, and therefore must have a part to play in this new masterpiece. He says he wants to get shoppers “big on BBQs”.

“This summer we want to help our shoppers get Big On BBQs, whilst remaining Lidl on price. The Croll is a deliciously versatile creation, which is sure to add the WOW factor to summer entertaining.”

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If you’re tempted by this new treat, you could try putting bacon and eggs in it and create a modern take on the breakfast roll.

If you’re feeling more reserved about the whole thing, why not just try it with jam and strawberries and create a new-fangled scone.

Feeling very adventurous? Replace your BBQ rolls with crolls and watch your guests confused faces as you explain to them that you are, in fact, ahead of foodie trends.

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