KFC are trialling a hot cross bun burger for Easter served with their famous chicken

Lauren Clark
KFC are trialling a hot cross bun burger [Image: Getty]

If you’re a fan of hot cross buns, KFC are working on an Easter treat for you.

The popular food chain are trialling a Hot Cross Bun Burger (yes, really).

Their Classic Fillet Burger bun has been swapped out for the currant-packed, cross-marked alternative that’s traditionally enjoyed on Good Friday.

To keep diehard KFC fans happy, it will have the same filling of Original Recipe chicken breast plus fresh lettuce and mayo.

The fast food chain is currently trialling the new Easter-themed burger [Image: KFC]

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It is currently being trialled by the clever minds at KFC to ensure it will be a “hopping success”.

They’re getting feedback on whether the Easter-themed chicken burger-hybrid will really be a hit.

After all, we’re intrigued as to whether the sweet, sticky bun and the mayo-smothered fried chicken is actually a match made in fast food heaven.

The bad news is that the burger won’t be available to order at their restaurants until next year.

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So we’ll have to wait until then to give our verdict.

However, if you can’t hang on for another 12 months, you could try giving it a go at home this Easter weekend instead.

Toast the hot cross bun, and spread a layer of mayo onto the bottom half.

Next, add some lettuce and KFC chicken fillet (yes, you’ll have to pop out if you want the real deal).

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Finally, place the upper half of the bun on top and enjoy.

In the meantime, why not console yourself with one of these luxury Easter eggs.

Or, perhaps you fancy a some hot cross bun wine or bunny-shaped crumpets.

It’s a Good Friday indeed…

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