The latest McDonald's drink is bright, bright green and we aren't sure how to feel about it

Melon float
Would you buy it? [Photo: Instagram/_seetyfly]

Once, some of us thought that brightly-coloured foods had died along with the 90s.

But thanks to social media, they’ve been having quite the resurgence; from dragon frappuccinos to unicorn shakes.

And let’s not get started on the rainbow food trend.

McDonald’s latest drink, however, has been a bit much even for keen Instagrammers as it’s a bright, bright green.

Went looking for the Sakura Float…maybe a different McDonald's. Still enjoyed this one. #melonfloat

A post shared by Tyronique (@_seetyfly) on Apr 10, 2017 at 11:52pm PDT

Called the Melon Float, it looks like something out of ‘Flubber’ rather than a fast food joint but is actually some Fanta Melon Twist served with a scoop of soft-serve ice cream on top.

It appears to have originated in Japan – as all surreal, great things tend to – and isn’t available only in McDonald’s branches.

It seems to be popular among different cafes, and is served at varying levels of fancy.

While some are served with the poshness of a – well – McDonald’s drink, others are presented like elaborate cocktails with sprinkles, garnishes and all.

Unfortunately you’ll need to travel either to Japan or Thailand to try the drink yourself, though once you’ve booked the flights especially, at least it costs just ¥280 (about £2) so that you can enjoy your radioactive-coloured beverage guilt free.

If you go there and try a Melon Float we can only imagine it’ll be hard to have a McDonald’s back in the UK again; a diet Pepsi looks rather disappointing in comparison to drinking something that’s practically glowing.

Though an important question is: Will they ever make it over here to the UK?

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