Kylie Jenner enters a new life era, reviving the naked brow trend for 2023

kylie jenner bleached silver eyebrows
Kylie enters a new era with bleached silver browsKylie Jenner/@kyliejenner - Instagram

We're only five days into 2023 and I'm sure you're already bored of people saying 'New Year, new me'... or perhaps I'm just a pessimist. Anyways, as much as it is to my dismay, Kylie Jenner just proved the old adage saying true with a brand new look for the year ahead. Bleached brows trend V.6(ish), anyone?

Yep, the Kylie Cosmetics founder just debuted the good ol' naked eyebrow look (once again) in a bunch of stunning Instagram pictures. And I say 'again' because this isn't the first time we've seen this trend, nor is it the first time we've seen Ky rock the trend. Deja vu, much.

Back in October of last year, Kylie took to her TikTok account with a video showing off her new (at the time) powder grey eyebrows. And although the look didn't last long, it was such a vibe. This time, however, we think she's outdone herself, pairing her naked 'brow with a Pam Anderson-style updo.

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Glammed to the Gods, me thinks.

And like us, fans are also living for this look, flooding the comments section of both her main and Kylie Cosmetics IG account posts with a lotta love. Read a select few standouts below:

"I love the eyeliner, and the eyebrows were a special touch to the look, it's perfect"

"loving the bleached brow on Kylie 😍"

"Slayyyyyyyyyyyyy 😍😍"

"I just loved this makeup"

"This glam>>>>"

"this eyebrows are so iconic!!"

Now, as ever, there's no telling whether or not Kylie has truly taken the plunge and bleached her eyebrows as this could, in fact, be a very clever makeup trick. Perhaps this could be a case of using a bit (read: a lot) of concealer and powder to hide her dark strands of hair. Who knows?

I suppose only time will tell but for now, let's enjoy the beauty of this lewk.

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