Kerry Katona defends Katie Price’s 17th boob job with four-word statement

Kerry Katona has revealed what she told best pal Katie Price when she learned she was going under the knife for her 17th boob job - and she didn't hold back.

In her exclusive column this week, the mum of five also opens up about her own family feud after Meghan Markle 's dad Thomas gave a very candid interview about their relationship.

She also shares which of her children she thinks could be destined for stardom - and what advice she'd give this year's Celebs Go Dating singletons....

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Tuff Love In Cornwall

Kerry Katona and Phil Tufnell
Kerry hung out with fellow I'm A Celeb star Phil Tufnell last week -Credit:kerrykatona/instagram

I had the best but most random weekend in Cornwall recently. I was there to record a podcast for The Lewis Nicholls Show, and ended up spending time with Phil Tufnell and his lovely wife Dawn – we even did an escape room together. Who would have thought a Queen and King of the I’m A Celeb jungle would escape with just 16 seconds to spare?

It was so funny and, although I definitely carried the team, we couldn’t have done it without Ryan. Phil, Dawn and I couldn’t see a thing but Ryan had youth on his side and 20/20 vision so he was doing all the reading, bending and lifting to get us out. We should have filmed the whole thing for a TV show.

Family Feud

Meghan Markle and her dad Thomas Markle
Meghan and her dad Thomas don't have a good relationship, and Kerry can relate -Credit:Netflix

I saw that Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas made a plea to see his grandchildren ahead of his 80th birthday. It’s a difficult one because kids are involved, but I’ve been in a similar situation.

My mum and stepdad split up before my wedding to Brian [McFadden], but when it came to writing my first autobiography I wanted to talk about my life and my stepdad was a big part of that. I hadn’t seen him in years but I went and knocked on his door to have a conversation and tell him what I was going to include in the book. I’m so glad I did because he passed away not long after. Every family is different but, for me, it means I don’t live with regret. Life really is too short.

Heidi's A Star

Heidi and Kerry Katona
Heidi could 'follow in my footsteps', mum Kerry says -Credit:kerrykatona/instagram

Heidi posted a video of herself singing on Instagram recently and I must say, she has an incredible voice! People were commenting that she should get a record deal and I completely agree, Heidi is going to be a superstar.

She could follow in my footsteps, but I think she’s too talented to be in a girlband, she should go for it as a solo artist. Out of all my kids, Heidi is the one who never gives me any trouble!

My Pal Katie

Katie Price
Katie has had her 17th boob job -Credit:Instagram/ @katieprice

I spoke to Katie Price just before she had her latest boob job, and I think, “Just go for it.”

It’s her 17th – and I think she’s going a bit smaller this time – but that’s just Kate. The most important thing is that she is happy and is doing it for herself. I’ve been under the knife a few times myself for the odd nip and tuck, and I think the next thing on my list will be my chin.

I’m at an age where the skin is beginning to sag and I’d like to get it done to make myself feel better – but not for anyone else. It doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as you’re happy, and being safe, that’s all that matters.

Dating Destiny

The line-up for Celebs Go Dating this year looks good. I was on the show on series six and if I could give the contestants any advice, it would be to just have fun and enjoy yourself.

Don’t take anything too seriously – I certainly didn’t! I don’t think any long-term relationships have come of it – maybe this series will be different – but you learn a lot about yourself.