Kanye West trolled for wearing ill-fitting Yeezy slides (with socks) to wedding

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Kanye’s choice of footwear was grilled on Twitter. [Photo: Rex]
Kanye’s choice of footwear was grilled on Twitter. [Photo: Rex]

Rule 101 of attending a friend’s wedding: don’t upstage the happy couple.

That’s a rule Kanye West and Kim Kardashian could do well to remember, after the couple hit headlines this weekend attending 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward’s nuptials in scene-stealing outfits.

While Kim’s highlighter green, figure-hugging Atsuko Kudo dress was hardly shy and retiring, for once it was her husband’s ensemble that drew the most attention.

While we can get on board with Kanye’s mint green Louis Vuitton suit (worn without a shirt), it was his choice of footwear that left many scratching their heads.

You can’t deny Kanye’s Yeezy slides looked comfy. [Photo: Rex]
You can’t deny Kanye’s Yeezy slides looked comfy. [Photo: Rex]

Kanye decided to pair his designer suit with socks and slides, courtesy of his very own brand, Yeezy.

The part-slide-part-mattress hybrids were (obviously) mocked on Twitter – largely because they’re clearly far too small for him.

So. Many. Questions.

You’d think with unlimited access to stock, Kanye would at least get his shoe size right.

Did Kanye grab Kim’s slides by accident as he was running out the door? Simple mistake.

Perhaps he’s trying to start a new trend? ‘Wearing the right sized shoes is soooo 2017, ya’ll!’ You have to admit it does seem like a very ‘Kanye’ thing to attempt.

Kanye’s fashion label, Yeezy, has a bit of a reputation for creating a social media storm.

His New York fashion shows always make headlines (for the right and wrong reasons); his most recent ad campaign – featuring his wife Kim Kardashian and her clones wearing his clobber – was ingenious for its shareability; and his latest Yeezy slides prototypes were mocked galore on Twitter.

Either way, we’re hoping this fashion faux pas is a one off. You live and you learn, eh Kanye?

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