Jimmy and Shivi's Farmhouse Breakfast - Jimmy Doherty talks life on the farm

Jimmy Doherty and Shivi Ramoutar
-Credit: (Image: James Bailey)

Jimmy Doherty and Shivi Ramoutar are forming a foodie dream team as they join forces for a cooking show with a twist.

The pair will try out new recipes, meet a variety of animals and chat to some special guests, all broadcast from Jimmy’s farm in Suffolk. “We’ve filmed a number of series on the farm, so it was a very easy fit,” says Jimmy, 49. “We’re well set up for having a film crew on the farm with the animals and, of course, we have so many different ones that each tell a different story.

“Not only have we got a working farm with pigs, cattle and sheep, but we also have a wildlife park with monkeys, lemurs, camels, crocs, bears and wolves!”

Jimmy Doherty and Shivi Ramoutar
Jimmy and Shivi are uniting for a new breakfast show on ITV -Credit:James Bailey

Shivi was thrilled to star in a show filmed outside of a TV studio and even more excited to be working with Jimmy. “I’m like a Jimmy stalker,” laughs Shivi, 40.

“I’ve always been a big fan of his. I knew a lot about the farm and the wildlife park – they have the most incredible animals. So I was desperate to work with Jimmy in a completely different setting. Being on the farm really felt very wholesome and full of nature.”

However, Shivi does recall one shocking interaction between her and a very cheeky animal. “I was slapped by a lemur,” she laughs. “One of the moments that will be on the show. They were crawling all over me – that definitely put me out of my comfort zone. Still, the lemurs were a highlight for me – it’s their erratic nature.”

Shivi Ramoutar
Shivi poses with one of the cows on Jimmy's farm -Credit:Instagram/Shivi Ramoutar

The new series will run across 11 episodes and is the perfect watch for a relaxed Sunday morning. “The idea of the breakfast slot is there are a lot of cooking shows,” explains Jimmy. “There are also a lot of chat shows and this is a great blend of both. It’s two people coming together to celebrate everything that comes with the countryside. After our show Alan Titchmarsh is on, so it’s a good fit.”

During each episode, the pair will each show off some of their favourite dishes, all of which can be made at home. “I love making kedgeree,” says Shivi. “And I was inspired to make it again after filming. It’s tough to choose a favourite dish, because every recipe is easily accessible. It’s something you can watch on a Sunday morning and then go to your local supermarket and pick up every ingredient.

“We have some incredible Mexican breakfast burritos, and there’s a lovely pavlova as well, which was really easy to make. There’s something for everyone.”

Shivi Ramoutar
Shivi details her unexpected encounter with a lemur -Credit:James Bailey

Viewers will be able to draw inspiration from Jimmy and Shivi’s culinary successes, while being entertained by a host of celebrity guests. “Two of our guests are Dick and Dom who play garden games in one episode – they were hilarious,” laughs Jimmy. “We’ve got Danny Wallace, Baga Chipz and Jenny Ryan, who is The Vixen in The Chase.

"She really made me feel quite nervous. We had to do a little general knowledge quiz and even though we were standing behind a counter chatting, as soon as she started asking questions, I felt like I was on my own with the spotlight on me – it was terrifying.”

“We’ve got so many different guests and it’s been lovely to have such variety,” says Shivi. “I’ve learnt a lot about people who I’ve admired from a distance.”

Shivi Ramoutar and Jimmy Doherty
Shivi and Jimmy attended the BAFTA's earlier this year -Credit:WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto/REX/Shutterstock

While Jimmy and Shivi are no strangers to presenting food shows, both say they learnt from each other while working together.“We have very different styles,” admits Jimmy. “I’m not a trained chef. I have a restaurant and a butchery, but I suppose I’m more of a home cook, lots of barbecuing, very hands-on.

"So it was great to see Shivi’s refinement on food, and also the repertoire of blending classic dishes with completely different ingredients of flavours.”

“And for me, I don’t do a lot of outdoor cooking – that’s very much Jimmy’s forte,” says Shivi. “So I learnt things like smoking salmon, barbecuing sardines and how Jimmy treats the meat or fish on the outdoor fire.”

With filming already wrapped, would the pair be up for working together again? “Absolutely!” they chime in unison. Jimmy adds, “We were chatting away about that during filming. I think the problem for the both of us is that we have so many ideas – so there’s definitely room for different adventures.”

Watch Jimmy & Shivi's Farmhouse Breakfast on Sunday 30 June, 8.25am, ITV1