Jennifer Lopez praised for make-up free complexion: ‘Your skin's brighter than my future’

Jennifer Lopez pictured at a special screening of her film 'Marry Me' in February 2022
Jennifer Lopez has been praised for her 'glowing' skin after sharing a bare-faced video to Instagram, pictured in February 2022. (Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez has been praised for her "glowing" skin after revealing her make-up free complexion in a new video shared to Instagram.

The 52-year-old star was sharing her morning skincare routine and looked totally flawless in the bare-faced video clip.

Appearing in a white robe after just getting out of the shower and with her hair slicked back, the Marry Me singer greeted fans before going on to share her pre make-up regime.

"Good morning everybody, it's a beautiful day outside. It's gorgeous, I just got out of the shower, and I washed with my cleanser," she started off the video.

She showed fans the gel cream cleanser from her own JLO Beauty brand, which she started last year.

"So you can see, no makeup yet," the star continued, showing off her glowing skin.

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Afterwards the star moved on to putting on her That JLO Glow serum.

"These are vitamins for the face. That's how I like to think of it. Taking my vitamins in the morning. Starting out my day right," she explained as she applied it to her face.

The singer also explained she likes to start her day feeling positive, so she reads a daily affirmation card which she keeps in a little box outside her shower.

"Feed my mind first. My soul, with an affirmation," she said. "No looking at the phone yet, just setting myself up right for the day with the right intentions, and the right thoughts. Being positive."

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JLo is regularly praised for her ageless looks, pictured in March 2022. (Getty Images)
JLo is regularly praised for her ageless looks, pictured in March 2022. (Getty Images)

Later in the video the Hustlers star shared that her natural beauty wasn't being emphasised by filters or special lighting.

"I don't have any special lighting or anything, this is just morning light," she said. "I don't have any special filters on here, this is my face."

JLo also went on to talk about the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, revealing it has been part of her daily routine since her teens or early twenties and describing it as a "game changer".

"Sunscreen is really important," she said. "Your mom puts it on you when you're a baby to protect your skin from the sun and I continued that on into adulthood."

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She said wearing SPF every day, even when it wasn't sunny has made a huge difference to her skin in protecting it from sun and environmental damage.

At the end of the video JLo reveals her children are knocking on her door, waiting for their

"It's going to be a beautiful day. I choose happiness," she signs off the clip.

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Since sharing her skincare routine the comments have been littered with messages from fans praising the star for her flawless complexion.

"She’s gonna outlive all of us," one wrote.

"You skin is brighter than my future," another commented.

"Glowing like never before," yet another added, before another fan wrote: "Absolutely Gorgeous!! Flawless skin."

Others commented on how soothing the star's voice was during the routine run-through.

"Her voice is so calming, I felt like doing my morning routine and its 11:53 pm," one wrote.

"The most sweetest voice, another agreed. I could listen to you all day!!!"

"There's just something so peaceful about this video."

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Jennifer Lopez has rekindled her romance with Ben Affleck, pictured together in September 2021. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez has rekindled her romance with Ben Affleck, pictured together in September 2021. (Getty Images)

It isn't the first time Lopez has been praised for her youthful looks as she regularly shares ageless photos with her fans on Instagram.

Earlier this week the singer went bare-faced on Instagram and received a slew of comments about her 'glowing' skin.

Once again the star appeared in her white robe while prepping her skin in the video before heading off to surprise some important people.

And fans couldn't get enough of her skin.

“THAT GLOW!!!! Lord!!!" one wrote.

Another added: “You with no makeup”, while another fan commented: “It’s the natural glow for me".

And JLo isn't the only star who seems to be ageing backwards.

Last December, actor Michelle Pfeiffer showcased her youthful beauty at an appearance for an event to honour some of the most powerful women in entertainment.

Presenting the Equity in Entertainment award to Selma Blair the Scarface actor appeared fresh-faced and wrinkle-free with minimal make-up highlighting her natural beauty.

After sharing a post of the moment to Instagram, fans flocked to comment on the star's flawless complexion.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz were also recently praised online after sharing a sweet snapshot together, which highlighted their ageless beauty.

The Charlie's Angels co-stars, who are 46 and 49 respectively, received an influx of positive feedback on Instagram for "embracing their age gracefully" after sharing a natural snap together on social media.

"Gorgeous, love how you’re embracing your age gracefully," one user wrote.

"I love seeing my fave Hollywood celebrities ageing with such grace and beauty," another agreed.

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