Jennifer Lopez went barefaced on Instagram and fans are all saying the same thing

Any time Jennifer Lopez posts a picture or video onto Instagram, you can guarantee that she 👏 will 👏 slay 👏 . Recently, the singer has been serving us lots of no-makeup moments and we’re loving getting a sneak peek into her daily skincare routine – and we're pleased to report that she ain’t stopping.

Posting on Instagram, J-Lo begins the video in her bathroom, where she’s completely makeup-free, with her hair scraped back and wearing a robe. Pure at-home vibes. Aside from wanting to get a look at her bathroom cabinets – can you imagine how mega her beauty collection must be?? – we couldn’t stop looking at her skin. Seriously, J-Lo is the definition of glow. Let’s just call her J-glow from now on, yeah?

Telling the camera that she’s heading to a nearby Sephora for a J-Lo Beauty meeting, she added: “I’ve already washed with my cleanser, I’m going to throw on a little outfit – ready to go”.

The video cuts to Jenny in the car, where she explains that she’s going to meet the hard workers who "grind for J-Lo Beauty" in the store. Of course, the video was inundated with comments – over 4,950 comments, to be precise.

While the video is so wholesome, complete with lots of hugging and selfies – there was one thing that fans couldn’t stop mentioning: her skin.

One fan wrote: “THAT GLOW!!!! Lord!!! 😍❤️”

Another added: “You with no makeup>>>”

One fan commented: “It’s the natural glow for me😍😍”

While lots more came in thick and fast:

“That glow 😍”

“Your skin✨😍”

“This skin OMG ✨”

…you get the general gist and in all honesty, I don’t blame them. In fact, this post was enough to make me want to set up a Jennifer Lopez fan account of my own.

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