How to tell if someone fancies you

How to tell if someone fancies you. (Getty Images)
Fluttery looks or looking down are more a sign someone fancies you than direct gazes. (Getty Images)

With Valentine's Day looming, you may be wondering whether a certain someone is really into you or you're just overthinking that 'moment' you shared.

Thankfully, one body language expert has disclosed the surefire ways to spot authentic chemistry (and not just two people getting along) when dating or spending time together.

And there's a few surprises in the mix, including the fact that staring isn't quite the fancy-you sign you might expect.

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Signs someone fancies you

Inbaal Honigman shares her top insights on how to read if there's a real connection, as revealed by Reboot.

1. Emotions and physical touch

Both of these are just as important as each other, especially when working in unison. "A visible hybrid of emotions and tactile actions determine a strong chemistry," explains Honigman. "A mix between delicacy and magnetism are signals to definitely look out for."

In terms of the emotional side, she adds: "It can be difficult to expose true feelings but it is essential to show vulnerability to build a connection."

And varying types of touch are also a sign of different types of connections.

"Tenderness is one way to signal attraction, but rough touch can indicate the same too. Play fighting can be very sexual – and also involves the hands (more on that later)," Honigman explains.

"That said, putting your arm over somebody's shoulders doesn't necessarily signal attraction. It can however show protectiveness, and support."

To determine whether this could be romantic, she suggests looking for a hand gesture that supports the shoulder hug. "This could be a hand over the stomach or interlocking fingers."

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Close up shot of hands of a gay couple hugging. Focus is on their hands in front of their body. (Getty Images)
Our hands say it all. (Getty Images)

2. Hand contact

As you've likely gathered, hands are pretty key in determining a connection.

"When someone fancies you, they want to be as close to you as possible, so touching is a great indicator that there's some attraction, especially if the hands are involved," says Honigman.

But why exactly is this?

"The hands are an incredibly sensitive body part, and a caress is a sign of tenderness and gentle affection," she explains. "Hand holding is the ultimate physical connection for people who like one another, each person offering their sensitive palms to the other."

Other ways that the hands communicate to us, include the "hand-over-hand comfort gesture" or "stroking the head or cheek".

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3. Eye contact

Smiling and eye contact is the secret to an authentic connection.

"It creates a sense of intimacy and engagement, making the other person feel appreciated and listened to. It is a great building block to start with," says Honigman.

But, she adds, "Beware of a direct gaze, as this leaves little room for a romantic spark."

So, while looking at each other is undeniably important, the way someone's doing it could offer a clue.

"Eye contact can indicate attraction, but more often than not, when you fancy someone, you won't just stare them down. A coy, fluttery look is more likely to indicate romantic interest," she says.

"If someone likes you, they may feel shy and look down, or may blink rapidly or cover their eyes with their hand in a preening gesture, trying to appear attractive for you to like them back."

However, Honigman explains: "Two people locked in a direct gaze are more like two naughty children giggling over a prank, or two suspects keeping an eye on each other."

Two woman looking and smiling at each other enjoying a glass of wine. (Getty Images)
Reflecting each other's facial expressions is a positive sign. (Getty Images)

4. Facial expressions

Our face is arguably one of the main ways of expressing body language and it seems wanting to be in sync with someone is key.

"The mirroring of facial expressions can prevail the interest of an individual as they try to mimic and predict a partner's next move – this is an intimate projection of emotion," says Honigman. "Little ticks of the eyebrows also show genuine engagement."

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So, how do all the signs when put together – spanning emotions, touch, eye contact and facial expressions galore – help to show there's real chemistry?

"When someone likes you, they make you the centre of their world," Honigman says in summary.

"They will lean their entire body towards you, or angle their head in your direction. They will be engaged with what you say, and may be looking at your lips so that they don't miss a word, or talking right into your ear to keep the connection close."

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Finding reasons to touch you is another strong indicator of attraction. "This could be helping you put your coat on, or picking up something you dropped on the floor so that your hands touch," she adds.

"Gestures which appear friendly and casual, like chatting, listening and being present, may be deeply romantic – your soon-to-be sweetheart is trying to appear casual, but they're nervous."

Honigman suggests looking for signs of nerves like a cracking voice, a flushed face or scattiness. "If they're nervous, then you know they've got a lot riding on this chat you're having, and don't want to say or do the wrong thing."