TikTok user explains why we've been filling ice cube trays wrong this whole time

Everyday's a school day. (Getty Images)
Everyday's a school day. (Getty Images)

Oh, the humble ice cube tray. It can be used for all manner of things from simply providing us with plain ice cubes to spicing up our drinks with all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours.

We must admit, though, we’ve often stood at the sink and wondered just why the design isn’t better.

All you can do is blast water into the tray and hope for the best. Well, until now.

One TikTok user has opened our eyes to a new way of filling up an ice cube tray and it turns out we’ve been doing it wrong this entire time.

“Am I just dumb or did nobody else know this either?” The TikTok user asked.

“These little flat spots on ice cube trays are where you’re supposed to fill in the water,” she went on to show how nicely the water flows into each individual tray when filling it correctly.

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Like many of us, the woman went on to show how she’s been filling up her ice cube trays this whole time and it involved blasting water at the tray and hoping for the best.

“I was today years old when I learned this,” one user said in response.

Us too, random TikTok user, us too.

It seems TikTok isn’t just a place for hilarious lip syncs and far-too-good dance routines, because lately these little life hacks have been popping up more frequently on the app.

Just last month, we discovered a genius way to cut a cake. Spoiler alert: it involved tongs.

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While most people were blown away by the fairly obvious way to use an ice cube tray, others had equally valid ways of filling up theirs.

“Hold it at an angle pointing downward and fill it from the top then it’s like a waterfall and fills up in like five seconds,” one user pointed out.

Yes, while this method is certainly preferable over the blast of water, it still comes with its unique challenges. Let’s not forget how difficult it is to get the waterfall just right without it all seeping out at the bottom.

This new-fangled way of filling up a tray definitely looks more effortless.

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“I thought it was to stack them or does my brain now work?” Another person pointed out.

Others say they’ve been “doing it for years” making the rest of us feel somewhat foolish.

The majority - luckily - were with us on just how revolutionary this little hack was: “THIS HAS LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE,” one user exclaimed.

We’re with you on that.

All we want to know is what’s next? Have we been tying our shoelaces wrong this entire time? Perhaps there’s a better way to store fruit?

We’re all ears, TikTok.