Here's what we'll all be naming our babies in 2018

Which baby names will make the most popular list in 2018? [Photo: Getty]
Which baby names will make the most popular list in 2018? [Photo: Getty]

Scooch over babies named Olivia because your baby name reign could be coming to an end.

While the moniker was revealed as being the most popular name of 2017, baby naming experts have revealed it is all change for 2018.

The bods at Babygaga have poured over records from the last few years to predict which monikers will be the most popular next year.

It’s based on emerging baby name trends, such as a growing love of the moniker Corbyn, and a preference for naming your baby after the TV programme du jour – welcome to the world baby Theon.

The list provides a useful guide for parents-to-be on what names are expected to be big on nursery registers in a few years time, while also giving an indication about the monikers they might want to avoid if they’re keen on giving the newborn a name that’s totally unique.

From the comeback of traditional names Stella and Hazel for girls, to the perennially popular Dylan and Jack here are the names officials will likely be stamping on birth certificates in 2018 over and over again.

Girls names set to be popular in 2018:

  1. Emma

  2. Charlotte

  3. Sadie

  4. Violet

  5. Kennedy

  6. Savannah

  7. Penelope

  8. Victoria

  9. Ellie

  10. Hazel

  11. Natalie

  12. Luna

  13. Rylie

  14. Aurora

  15. Scarlett

  16. Nora

  17. Zoe

  18. Amelia

  19. Harper

  20. Stella

Is your name on the list? [Photo: Getty]
Is your name on the list? [Photo: Getty]

Boys names set to be popular in 2018:

  1. Finn

  2. Jack

  3. Atticus

  4. Oliver

  5. Theodore

  6. Reuban

  7. Dylan

  8. Corin

  9. Adam

  10. Alexander

  11. Daniel

  12. Christopher

  13. Brandon

  14. Logan

  15. Joseph

  16. Hunter

  17. Lucas

  18. Kai

  19. Jasper

  20. Isaac

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