Parents are debating the UK's worst baby names

Are these baby names the worst in the UK? [Photo: Pexels]
Are these baby names the worst in the UK? [Photo: Pexels]

Last month, the most popular baby names in the UK were revealed (Oliver and Olivia in case you were wondering). That was swiftly followed by the rarest monikers parents had chosen for their newborns – welcome to the world baby Birdie.

But while some parents prefer to stick to tried and tested names and others prefer something a little more unique, a further group of mums and dads possibly take things a stage too far when it comes to naming their offspring.

And parents have been taking to parenting site Mumsnet to share the examples of the worst baby names they’ve ever heard.

The discussion was kicked off by a user who’d overheard a mum calling for her daughter Beige while she was out shopping.

“In the supermarket today and heard a mum shout “beige” to her daughter…no joke! At first I thought I had misheard Paige…but no, definitely beige,” the mother wrote.

“Got me thinking… what are the worst names you have come across?”

And other parents were quick to offer up some toe-curling examples including Venezuala, Hagley and, wait for it, Beowulf!

One mother was confused into thinking that when a mum called her son Bubbles she was using a nickname, but actually it was the child’s real name.

Other unique monikers parents have come across include a baby boy called Raspberry and another called Dolphin.

“I wouldn’t say worst but the most unusual name I’ve heard is Dolphin (boy). The parents did shorten it to Fin to be fair, but still,” the user wrote on the thread.

Another user offered up an entire list of out-there names she’d come across.

“Carnaby just why? Modesty even worse. Raea (ray ah) Nevaeh (don’t even get me started),” she wrote.

“There’s a guy local to me who called his DD ‘Pashley’ after his favourite brand of bicycle,” another user added to the discussion.

Another parent said she knew a woman who was called Pocahontas. “She is in her late 20s and now goes by “Helen” who in their right mind calls their child that?” she wrote.

“I know a small boy named Onyx. Knowing the parents I’m 99% sure it was after the Pokemon not the gemstone,” another parent added.

To be fair we’d probably cry if we were named Hernia too! [Photo: Getty]
To be fair we’d probably cry if we were named Hernia too! [Photo: Getty]

Another parent was confused when they came across a child with the same name as a popular fabric conditioner. “I’ve met a Lenor and just thought of fabric conditioner. She was American though so maybe not a big brand there,” the woman wrote.

Yet another parent had named their child after a shampoo brand. “Timotei. Just no,” the user wrote of the unusual moniker.

“A friend of a friend (fb) named her daughter Hernia,” another parent added. “Now I’m not sure if it’s a nickname or not as I couldn’t see the persons whole fb profile (she commented on friends post) but c’mon Hernia?!”

But while some parents were happy to share their examples of names they weren’t keen on, others thought it was unfair to poke fun at the monikers parents had chosen.

“I think everyone has names that they can’t stand that others think are lovely. If we were all the same then the world would be full of people all called the same,” one poster wrote.

“What difference does it make what someone else calls their children?” added another. “You don’t know them or their reasons. Maybe they don’t like your choices and don’t aspire to be like you. Please find something worth while and interesting to discuss and stop being so unkind.”

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