These are the rarest baby names in the UK

The rarest baby names have been revealed [Photo: Getty]
The rarest baby names have been revealed [Photo: Getty]

In September, the most popular baby names were announced, showing that we all currently love the monikers Oliver and Olivia.

The same survey, carried out by the Office for National Statistics, also revealed the rarest names parents have given their newborns in the UK.

Because while we all like to think we’ll go down the celebrity route of choosing the most out there name possible, when it comes down to it, tradition almost always wins out.

If you do fancy calling one of your children one of these names, you’re in luck as each one was registered just three times in the UK in 2016.

10 rarest girls’ names

  • Adalie: A french name meaning ‘of the nobility.’

  • Agape: An ancient Greek name meaning ‘the highest form of love.’

  • Birdie: A vintage nickname that’s coming back in a big way. Actress Busy Philipps named her daughter Birdie in 2008.

  • Noam: A Hebrew name that’s typically used for boys. Means ‘pleasantness’.

  • Onyx: A gemstone that almost means ‘claw’ or ‘fingernail’ in ancient Greek.

  • Oracle: A Greek name meaning ‘prophecy’.

  • Sonali: An Indian name considered to mean ‘golden’.

  • Sondos: A name so rare that no one’s sure of its meaning

  • Tiger: Means exactly what it sounds like. Think Tiger Woods.

  • Yvette: One of the more normal-sounding names on the list, the French name is described as being botanical.

Onyx, Adalie and Ajax are all on the list [Photo: Getty]
Onyx, Adalie and Ajax are all on the list [Photo: Getty]

10 rarest boys’ names

  • Ajax: A mythical name derived from the courageous Greek hero, Ajax the Great.

  • Dougal: A Scottish nickname given to invading dark-haired Vikings. Means ‘dark stranger’.

  • Henderson: Literally means ‘son of Henry.’ Traditionally used as a surname.

  • Jools: This one has a great meaning: ‘descended from Jupiter.’

  • Marvellous: Come on, is this really a name?

  • Oakleigh: An old English name meaning ‘meadow of oak trees.’

  • Oswin: An ancient English name that means ‘God’s friend.’

  • Richmond: A name of German origin meaning ‘powerful protector.’

  • Tadgh: An Irish name meaning ‘courageous’. No idea how to pronounce it.

  • Thibault: Means ‘courageous people’ and is a very common surname in France.

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