Hamburger straws are the latest bizarre food trend

hamburger straw
Once you pop you won’t, er [Photo: Instagram/micyaki___n]

We’ve seen our fair share of baffling food trends in 2017.

There’s been activated charcoal fish and chips (which looked rather like something else), butter spread on iced buns and drinks in an unsettlingly luminous shade of green.

And none is harder to believe than the newest addition to the family: hamburger straws.

Before we tell you, consider what this might be. Straws made from hamburger meat? Straws shaped like hamburgers, however illogically?

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In fact, hamburger straws are something anyone with a local McDonald’s branch and a little bit of know how can create themselves.

To make one, you simply buy yourself a McDonald’s meal, stick a straw in your drink and get your burger out before skewering it on that straw.

And the result is… well, exactly what you’d expect.

A drink with a hamburger stuck on top of it.

What people hope to achieve by doing this is a mystery, but the combo is taking Instagram by storm.

It won’t alter the taste in any way and it’ll make your hamburger more difficult to eat.

#流行りの #マック らしい(笑)

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And we can only assume it’ll cool that burger to a nice icy temperature too.

But you wouldn’t want to miss out on a hot food trend – would you?

So you’d better rock down to your local burger joint ASAP. Perhaps you should compete with the masses by making a hamburger straw with a Byron burger.

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