People are spreading butter on iced buns and the internet is kicking off

Iced bun
So sweet and untarnished [Photo: Instagram/lollylikes]

Iced buns have two essential ingredients: Icing, and bun.

Perhaps not the most scientific analysis of the pre-Jamie Oliver school canteen snack, but you know it’s true.

And most people don’t feel a need to, oh I don’t know – spread butter on them.

But apparently, it’s not that uncommon to do so, and the internet has been caught up in a bloody butter-or-not-to-butter battle since someone revealed their friend’s penchant for the food combo on Mumsnet.

The thread titled ‘Do you butter an iced bun?!’ said the following:

“My friend is adamant that you do but I’ve never heard of it… Perhaps because I don’t like cold butter.

“Thrilling topic, I know.”

Little did the user who posted it, happinessbythekilowatt, realise that it absolutely is a thrilling topic, soon sparking a debate.

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Some users responded positively, insisting that the buns are “dry” without:

“Yes! Irish here and have always buttered them,” wrote SindyFishtail.

“Bit dry otherwise! My parents and grandparents have also always buttered Danish pastries especially those pain au raisin types.

“Butter fruit cake, banana bread etc.”

So no fruit is safe from some consumers while others, thankfully, still had their heads screwed on right.

Homemade iced finger #homebaking #bakeoff #icedfinger #icedbun

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“Seems unnecessary – it has icing instead of butter,” lucelle responded.

“Also butter is salted and iced buns are sweet – not saying they’re always mutually exclusive, but why would you corrupt the perfection of an iced bun with anything more?!”

But some commenters revealed even worse crimes against food (yes, worse than buttering Danish pastries).

“I don’t butter iced buns but did once receive one with egg mayo on it,” said PlumpAndPlain.

#icedbun #breakfast #sorrynotsorry

A post shared by Shell (@little_ginge_) on Apr 19, 2017 at 11:05am PDT

“I had moved from a place where bun meant bread roll to a place where it meant cakey dough with icing.

“The woman in the sandwich shop kept asking incredulously if I was sure I wanted egg mayo on my bun!”

And perhaps the most disturbing suggestion of all:

“Try it. You know you want to…”

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