Gym causes outrage by asking women 'can you pinch your fat?'

The company asked the question in a promotional email. [Photo: Getty]
The company asked the question in a promotional email. [Photo: Getty]

A gym has come under fire after sending out a marketing email asking members whether they can “pinch” or “grab” their fat.

It urges its members to “call it what it is... FAT”.

One woman shared the email on Twitter saying she was “horrified” to receive this email.

The gym, an American franchise called Anytime Fitness, responded to the woman describing the incident as an “attempt at humour [sic]”.

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The email asked members to think about all the things they’re looking forward to doing this summer.

“Shorts, bathing suits, flip flips. The smell of sun tan lotion. And, LOTS of pictures of you that will be posted online forever.” It read.

“LOTS of sucking in, side turns, skinny arm posts and god forbid a side pic while sitting down.”

The email, which appears to be from one individual employee at the gym continues by saying “do me a second favour [sic]”.

“Take your hand and grab the excess you have on your waist (front/back/sides). Can you pinch it? Or can you grab it? Well, I want to call it what it is... FAT.”

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Thousands of people shared the email after Mora Reinka posted it online.

Hundreds of people got in touch to air their views on the “ill-advised attempt at humour [sic]”.

One woman said “I'd begin by cancelling your membership and finding a better gym.”

Another took the opportunity to share her bad experience with the gym.

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“They’re horrible! I quit their gym a few months ago and one time I was in the gym for 30 mins and when I left one of the fitness instructors said to me “where are you going? You’ve only been here for 20 minutes.”

After reading the tweet, the gym responded personally to Mora to apologise and explain that they will be “re-training him to be supportive and encouraging”.

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