A good night's sleep could be the secret to losing weight

If you’re struggling to stick to your diet, it may be down to your sleeping habits [Photo: Getty]

A good night’s sleep could be the key to losing weight, a new study has revealed.

Health and wellbeing brand Forza Supplements analysed the sleeping habits of 1,000 people and discovered a correlative link between the amount of zzz’s gained and weight lost.

Three quarters of participants who have a regular sleep pattern found it easier to shed the pounds, as they are more likely to stick to a diet and have consistent meal times.

In order to lose weight it is recommended that you aim for at least seven hours sleep a night [Photo: Getty]

While those who achieved less than seven hours sleep a night admitted to chaotic eating habits and 64 percent are more likely to snack than those who commit to a bedtime routine.

How much sleep will ensure effective weight loss?

According to the study, it is advised to try and get between seven to eight hours sleep a night in order to aid weight loss.

And the advised time to hit the pillow is 10.10pm as the most restorative sleep happens before midnight.

Managing director of Forza Supplements, Lee Smith, revealed: “They call it beauty sleep for a very good reason – eight hours a night really does help us to lose weight and live more healthily.”

He continued, “This new research shows that the key to successful dieting is discipline and routine – you need to adopt good habits and stick with them.”

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