Are glitter lips just for the catwalk?

Glitter lips as seen at the Shrimps SS18 presentation [Photo: Rex]
Glitter lips as seen at the Shrimps SS18 presentation [Photo: Rex]

We’ve seen so many fantastic beauty trends at Fashion Week, it’s tough to pick a favourite. Glitter lips is definitely one of the best makeup looks, though. Is it any surprise that our top trend would involve something sparkly?

Most catwalk trends are difficult to translate IRL though. Let’s think about this practically – how does wearing glitter work off of the catwalk? Are glitter lips a makeup look that us normal non-model folk can pull off? When can I even wear glitter lips?

If, like us, you’re struggling for an event that would require (or allow) a full mouth of sparkly gems, the good news is that you can choose to dial up the glitter as much or as little as you like.

Level 1: Shimmering Sparkle

For a hint of beginner-glitter sparkle, try mixing glitter with your lipgloss. The gateway to more serious sparkle, it’s a light dusting of iridescence that will make your lips look extra pretty – great for a dinner date.

Try a dusting of Barry M Dazzle Dust £4.59, to make the center of the lips pop without being too sparkly. The grown-up’guide to glitter.

Level 2: Bedazzling & Bold

This is for the all-over, brilliantly bedazzling lip look – best for the annual Xmas party or a hen do. It’s actually very wearable and flattering on all skin types. All over glitter lips are achieved with a light coating of lip glue (yep, lip glue – a bit like eyelash glue!) before pressing on glitter and dusting off any excess.

Like false eyelashes, you need to wait for the lip glue to dry a bit before applying glitter. Try the Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips kit, which has everything you need.

Level 3: Bling Bling

A scattering of gems, a la Shrimps SS18. Using chunkier glitter, this is an artful way of decorating your lips and perfect for fancy dress or a summer festival. We love EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter -vegan friendly and good for the environment.

EcoStardust Super Chunky Champagne Pink Biodegradable Glitter

Embellished lips are beautiful but not that practical as you can only really drink through a straw. (No food? That’s us out then.) If you’re low on time, you may want to stick to just the lower lip which will also make it a bit easier to manage.

Will the glitter fall off when I talk/drink/breathe?

Lip glue isn’t superglue, so the glitter will naturally come off with wear. (Though, like sand, you’ll be finding glitter EVERYWHERE for the following few days.)

If you’re worried about your wine glass looking like it’s been through a rave, we’ve tried and tested the Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips kit and it doesn’t budge.

For all other glittery lipstick and shimmery powder, try a couple coats of Lipcote Lipstick Sealer £3.69 to lock in the particles and fix your style in place. Apply Lipcote with your mouth open, allow to dry and apply another coat again. You’ll look like a goldfish for a bit but it will help to prevent your glitter from moving around your face.

To remove glitter lips, just use an oil-based remover or cream cleanser alongside a warm flannel to dissolve any glue.

Before you start…

It’s important to note that you can’t just use any old craft shop glitter. It needs to be cosmetic grade – most of the beauty glitter kits will come specifically created for the face.

Craft glitter may have glass or metal components but cosmetic glitter is non toxic and dyed with a special pigment that doesn’t leach out of the plastics when heated or dampened. Glitter your world safely!

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